Avis clients (28) 4,5 /5. The only question is if you already own, or decide instead to get, the also also superb 100-400mm L IS II, to which I have a detailed comparison above. These are all shot hand-held as NORMAL JPGs; no tripods, FINE JPGs or RAW CR3 files were used or needed. More at Compared. Of course, the camera is new, so we can only expect to see more products come out in the near future that will enhance the way the C500 handles. The camera’s body itself is fairly compact and light, but you can outfit this model with accessories and extra components however you see fit: External monitors, multiple viewfinders, rigs, mounts, you name it. He has been living and working in New England since 2005. Canon claims it “collaborated with some of the most respected names in the industry” in order to ensure its 4K/2K output terminals would work with existing digital recording units, as well as portable external monitors and color grading systems.     USM: UltraSonic (autofocus) Motor. Overall  Â Autofocus  Â Manual Focus   Breathing, Bokeh   Distortion   Ergonomics   Falloff   Filters, Lateral Color Fringes  Â Lens Corrections, Mechanics   Sharpness   Spherochromatism, Stabilization  Â Sunstars  Teleconverters. The collar comes off by loosening the thumb screw and then pulling it out to unlatch the collar. 100% U.S.A.-based high-quality technical support at (800) OK-CANON. Now manual focus override works if you turn the ring while continuing to hold the shutter halfway, but only after focus locks in ONE SHOT. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at a huge 27½ × 41¼â€³ (70 × 105 cm) at this same high magnification. There's no need for thin filters. It gets ultra-close, and it's ultra-sharp, especially wide-open on full-frame: Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch at close-focus distance, 10:20 AM, 03 September 2020. The C500 isn’t even the only 4K camera or camcorder at NAB this year: JVC has its GY-HMQ10 camcorder that was unveiled at CES and Sony has its new NEX-FS700 as well. With a 9-bladed rounded diaphragm I get 18-pointed sunstars on brilliant points of light only at the smallest apertures. Son écran orientable dans toutes les di… The C500 is certainly a daunting camera from a basic consumer perspective, but compared to most bulky professional camcorders, it's actually not too hard to wrap your head around. If you need to get to 500mm, you have to buy this lens anyway, so you can skip the RF 70-200/2.8. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. The absence of this grip on the C500 is somewhat disappointing, but I'm sure there will be plenty of third-party grips hitting the market as soon as the C500 is available. Disclaimer: The following review of the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera and Canon EOS RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 telephoto lens is not a technical review, it is a hands-on “here’s how it feels, shoots and performs” kind of review with lots of sample images. Jeremy is the video expert of our imaging team and Reviewed.com's head of video production. It focuses to arm's length, even at 500mm, which lets this lens replace traditional 70-200mm lenses. Prime Lenses; Sumire Prime Lenses; Zoom Lenses; Compact Zoom Lenses; CINE-SERVO Lenses; COMPACT-SERVO Lenses; 4K Reference Displays 93.8 mm ø maximum diameter × 207.6 mm extension from flange. Fuzzy Plant in Afternoon Light, 6:00 PM, September 2020. The C500 has no rotating hand grip, which was one of the primary handling features on the C300, and one that allowed you to carry the camera like a traditional camcorder. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. Not on lens, but may be displayed in-camera. Hybride d'une grande compacité, le Canon EOS M50 ne mesure que 116,3 × 88,1 × 58,7 mm, c'est moins que l'EOS 250D. This 100-500mm focuses almost as close as the 70-200mm, and since this lens goes to 500mm, I can get much closer macro results than I can with the 70-200. These places always have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. It is mostly plastic on the outside, and plastic with plenty of metal on the inside. Four stops of real-world improvement is huge. Skilled photographers make great images with whatever camera is in their hands; I've made some of my best images of all time with an irreparably broken camera! For less money, the B+W 77mm 010 is an excellent filter, as is the multicoated version and the basic multicoated Hoya filters or the 77mm Nikon Clear (NC - UV), but the Hoya HD3 is the toughest and the best. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS, IS or VR (Vibration Reduction)) works great, as I expected. Macro performance is excellent. USER REVIEWS . Canon announced the C500 and C500 PL won’t be available until later this year, and although specific price points have yet to be determined, Canon expects to retail the cameras for around $30,000. Leave it ON unless you're on a very sturdy tripod, or if you're making exposures longer than a second on any kind of tripod. Ignore the crazy rainbow effects at the smallest apertures; these are sensor artifacts caused by taking a picture directly of the sun and exposing for the dark underside of the palm tree. EOS R cameras need a menu setting changed for manual-focus override, otherwise the focus ring is always ignored in AF. This lens has very little distortion, so Distortion correction is OFF by default. Air-Sphere coating on one surface. Donc, ... Pouvez vous me donner votre avis sur le Canon eos 500 N ? Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 500mm wide-open at f/7.1 hand-held at 1/640 at Auto ISO 250, -0.3 stops exposure compensation (LV 13.7), exaclty as shot. It has a front rubber bumper and a sliding port to let you rotate polarizers and grads, and a locking lever so it doesn't fall off on its own. Avec ses 122,4 × 92,6 × 69,8 mm, le Canon EOS 250D est un des plus petits reflex du marché et il faut se tourner vers la gamme hybride pour disposer d'appareils à objectif interchangeables plus compacts. In daylight turn stabilzation OFF (use the STABILIZER switch) until Canon updates this camera firmware beyond version 1.1.0, which will correct this. The switches are in the same spots as other Canon lenses. You can't use two converters as you sometimes can with EF lenses and their converters. These snaps are taken in the desert at 110º F (43º C), so heat shimmer isn't showing this lens at its best — and it's still super sharp: Desert Valley, 4:28 PM, 02 September 2020. Canon RF100-500mm internal optical construction. The cameras I got my hands on at NAB were prototype models, but they were still functional cameras. This is a great do-it all telephoto. Home The EOS C300 and C300 PL models were both announced at the event, and the crowd went wild. Thank you! Canon EF-S IS 18 - 55 mm f/3.5 - 5.6. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. October 2020   Better Pictures   Canon Reviews   Mirrorless   RF Lenses   EF Lenses   Flash   All Reviews. How‑To imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF/400iF models are Canon's most advanced letter/legal sized MFPs. deals, and helpful advice delivered to your inbox. It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. I see three to four stops of real-world improvement. Canon also calls it the RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM. All rights reserved. Dans quelle catégorie s'exprime t il le mieux ? At 100mm and 200mm the image becomes slightly smaller as focussed more closely. 4,5 Donner un avis. Votre avis a été enregistré. I got mine at B&H. I always use the 200-500mm range (on Nikon you'd have to buy an extra lens just to cover 200-500mm), and I never miss the small 70-100mm range. But the fact that Canon decided to embrace 4K recording this year is hugely significant. I see five stops of real-world improvement. The UV filter never gets in the way, and never gets lost, either. No always-responsive instant manual-focus override. 2.) Ken. Parlons tout de suite sous sous : le 500D est à un peu moins de 500€ nu, c’est-à-dire sans aucun objectif. I buy only from these approved sources. pour la consommation des piles This is the best dedicated telephoto for Canon's full-frame mirrorless cameras. The 2K shooting modes have the option for 10-bit or 12-bit recording. Tous droits réservés. Use this setting only if you're having a problem with the lens attempting to focus on irrelevant close items, or if for some reason the lens is "hunting" from near to far looking for distant subjects. Many people are still stuck on the 70-200 from film days, but I moved on years ago to the 100-400, and now the 100-500mm. $600. First lens to go to f/51. Check your order, save products & fast registration all with a Canon Account The Hoya HD3 stays cleaner than the others since it repels oil and dirt, and will outlast this lens. If not, the values below correct it later in Photoshop's I recommend them all personally. Canon EOS R6, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 223 mm at f/7.1 hand-held at 1/500 at Auto ISO 100, -0.7 stops exposure compensation (LV 14.6), Perfectly Clear. Spherochromatism can cause colored fringes on out-of-focus highlights, usually seen as green fringes on backgrounds and magenta fringes on foregrounds. Of course you need to use an EF-RF adapter with the 100-400mm L IS II, and they still cost less even if you have to buy the adapter. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem. (1,530 g), lens with tripod collar. It's common today that optical tricks are used to get ultra-close focusing throughout the entire zoom range, which means if you're weird enough to adapt a manual-focus fixed 500mm lens to your EOS R series camera and compare the two at close distances, this lens may or may not be 500mm at close distances — but it's close and it's far more important to have close focussing. The 100-500mm weighs less. Canon EOS 500D + Obj. It features a high-speed selectable 3-point autofocus system with A1 Focus for improved performance. Still, it's hard not to be at least a little bit weary of the camera since it's a "first-generation" product. The good news is that it works great with either of the Canon RF 1.4× Extender or Canon RF 2× Extender. Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 200mm wide-open at f/5 hand-held at 1/400 at Auto ISO 100, -0.3 stops exposure compensation (LV 13¼), exaclty as shot. Ergonomics are great; everything is generally where we expect it. These aren't facts or specifications, they are the results of my research that requires hours of photography and calculations on the resulting data. This all-content, junk-free website's biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. This is excellent. Mode 3: Same as mode one, but saves power by only working when you take the picture. Links Je me sépare de mon EOS 500 Argentique (pour passer à un EOS 400 Digital). bigger, full-resolution or camera-original © JPG file. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. EOS C300 Mark III. I only use a cap when I throw this in a bag with other gear without padding — which is never. Falloff is completely invisible with the camera's default peripheral illumination correction left on, and I've greatly exaggerated this by shooting a gray field and placing these on a gray background: Canon RF 100-500mm falloff, default correction ON. Rear Lens Dust Cap RF (p/n 2962C001), included. Warning: The in-camera image stabilization of the EOS R5 and EOS R6 can make the picture softer around 1/500 of a second because camera firmware versions 1.1.0 doesn't know this lens yet. Even if you go out of your way and turn off the correction and then go looking for falloff, it's also invisible in actual photos, and only maybe visible at the largest apertures. Canon EOS 500D reflex 15.1 mpix + Objectif Canon ef-s 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS + Objectif Canon ef-s 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II + Flash + sac de transport - Canon / Appareils photo Reflex 799,99 € Très bon état Lens feels and looks good without the tripod collar; there's no big indentation where it mates. Full Camera Package $500 (los angeles) pic … Rated 6 stops on R5 or R6 with their additional in-body stabilization. Canon EOS 500D 18-55mm IS : Avis utilisateurs - Appareil Photo Numérique - Les Numériques. Canon EOS 500D : son prix. Canon EF 75-300mm III and 500mm f/8.0 Preset Manual Focus Lens Bundle with EF-EOS M Adapter, for Canon EOS M, M50, M6, M5, M100, M10 Cameras 4.5 out of 5 stars 39 $299.00 $ 299 . Get smarter about what you're buying. You’re essentially paying twice as much in order to make the jump from full HD to 4K video. For all these RAW 4K recording settings, you can output video using the camera’s 3G-SDI terminal. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at 18½ × 18½" (50 × 50 cm) at this same magnification. Smooth fleet integration allows transition from single-function printers to advanced MDS solutions without sacrificing space. Fountain in Afternoon Light, 5:57 PM, 03 September 2020. Le capteur de 32,5 mégapixels du Canon EOS 90D possède la résolution la plus élevée de tous les appareils photo APS-C disponibles.