To be most effective, and to maximize the benefit available by using the cost index system, the value should be adjusted for each segment depending on conditions at dispatch, by those encountered enroute, or by the operational requirement for arrival within xx minutes of schedule (for whatever the operational driver is). With Eurowings' new long haul low cost routes, the Lufthansa group is really still only dipping its toe into long haul. Cruise at: Cost Index 15. It will result in a low speed. Enjoy à la carte catering on your flight, and lean back and relax. Climb at: Cost Index 0. Cruise at: Cost Index 28. A319/A320/A321. At the minimum cost index (0) only fuel counts. Eurowings has a modern fleet of Airbus and Bombardier aircraft. PREAMBLE Today's tough competitive environment forces airlines to consider operational costs in every facet of their business. Cologne (Köln)/Bonn serves as the major hub with flights throughout Europe and long-haul service to the Caribbean, Mauritius, North America, and Southeast Asia. The Airbus A320 that crashed in France on Tuesday with 150 people on board was operated by Germanwings, the budget carrier of Lufthansa.. Germanwings was founded in 2002 as a low-cost … A low cost index means that the cost of time is low or that fuel is expensive. Index of Eurowings aircraft fleet. Some Information by Wikipedia: Eurowings GmbH is a German low-cost airline headquartered in Düsseldorf and … This a cost index. passengers about to miss their flight connection) or low fuel price (rare these days). Default . High cost index means high cost of time (e.g. Climb at: Cost Index 0. Instead I bought something that will remind me of this flight – a Eurowings A320 plane mode in 1:200 scale. Eurowings ' current two widebodies ( A330 -200) in 2015, and plans for seven in 2017, compare with 156 wide bodies in the Lufthansa Group at the end of 3Q2015. Boeing 737-300/400 and 500 Series. This is an X-Plane Eurowings A320 repaint for use with the payware A320 CFM by Peter Hager. Eurowings (EW) is one of the top low-cost airlines in Europe with flights to over 130 destinations. All ways and means to achieve this goal have to be 3 1. The flight proceeded smoothly, and I moved to the … Marc Delaloy 23 ... Real cost index Theme . Boeing 747-400. Use the winglet model, this is an ex Air Berlin plane. Link to post. A319 / A320 CI = 12 A321 CI = 23 Source (don't know how accurate they are): ... Eurowings is incorrect at well, they used to vary around 11-13 but have been using 20 for quite some time now. Boeing Fleet. Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at: Cost Index 20. For short and medium-haul routes, we offer you BIZclass with unparalleled seat pitch in rows 1-3 and adjacent seat free. Cost Index Database 2017 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. APPENDIX 6 - A319 / A320 / A321 Cost Index for LRC 103. ICAO code: A320: Airline: Eurowings (EWG/EW) Passengers (Cockpit Crew) 180 (2) Cargo Capacity