$\begingroup$ Just as a little historical info, back in the pre-FAC days of the 1990s on 747-100&200 aircraft, after takeoff if we thought we were heavier than the load sheet showed, we could come up with our actual gross weight by working backwards through the tables for fuel flow, temp, mach number and altitude. Maximum zero fuel weight is a structural limit that relieves bending moment on the wing. Maximum zero fuel weight (kg) 73 300 - 75 600. Maximum speed (km/h) 890. - L : Indicator showing which of the maximum weight values is limiting the allowed traffic load. L/S DCS L/S [2] Trim by cabin section. Ceci concerne aussi bien l’A320 que leur récent A319. La compatibilité avec P3D v4.5 est désormais assurée. - MAX : Maximum structural weights permitted at : Zero Fuel Weight, Take-Off Weight and Landing Weight. Sample image . Maximum Zero Fuel Weight A321. For example, runway 29 at KXYZ airport with ambient temp of 20° C. This can get as specific as you wish. x 1000 Typical volumetric payload 16.6 tonnes 36.59 lbs. 93400 Kg. AIRCRAFT: ENGINE: UNITS: ORIGIN [ICAO]: A319 A320 A321 CFM IAE Metric Imperial METAR. The A320 Neo burns a lot more fuel than its real life counterpart. 77800 Kg. Zero Fuel Weight: 61000 kg; Operating Empty Weight: 42515 kg; Fuel Capacity: 6303 US Gals; Auxiliary Fuel: None; Fuel Qty Indicating System: digital; Next Aircraft: Boeing 737-400; Gallery . So let's compare the B737-800 and the A320-200 with a similar takeoff weight. What we do; Careers; Passenger Rights; Our Fleet. 137,700 lbs. - ADJ : Actual weights adjusted after L.M.C. ( Last Minute Changes ). Predictive Mobility > Aircrafts database > AIRBUS > A321. 7 . The way I was taught is that the Zero Fuel Weight is a ground, not a flight restriction. Range with max payload (km) 6 850. Engines. Cruise speed (km/h) 830. Maximum Runway Altitude. Regulated Take Off Weight - The maximum weight in which an aircraft can take off from a particular runway under specific conditions (winds, weather, specific aircraft configuration, etc,). 9200 feet except VWT is 12000 feet . Maximum operating altitude (m) 11 900. Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Fuel Calculator kasworld-Aero May 06, 2019. Maximum Demonstrated … Its whole purpose is too deliver a completely new and extremely high quality simulation to flying Airbus aircraft in a simulator. OAT [C] | QNH … 166,400 lbs. Cabin config:S Main deck cargo (KG):13528 . Here you can set out the aircraft's passenger and cargo loads (weight) but note the passenger weight which also includes their baggage weight as well, the cargo weight is just for extra cargo. After Long time of work here we successfully lunched our Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Fuel Calculator. L/S [1] RESET. Regards, Flight Operations | Applicability: Airbus fleet. The A319 IAE has been added. Overview Aircraft Familiarization Forces Weight Fuel Principle Of Balance Load Control And Distribution 5. Aircrafts in the family AIRBUS A321. Maximum Take Off Weight A321 g. 93000 Kg. Zero Fuel Weight is just that: take the to gross weight and subtract the useable fuel. Max ceiling 39800Ft. MACZFW : Mean aerodynamic cord Zero Fuel weight PSEU : Proximity Switch Electronic Unit METAR : Message d ˇobservation météorologique TAF : message de prévision météorologique . This web application gives you all results that you need for refuelling documentation. Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 137,789 62,500 Basic Empty Weight 94,175 42,717 Date of Last Weighing 10/11/2014 Weight Variant 012 FUEL Pounds Kilograms Gallons Standard Fuel Capacity 42,210 19,141 6,300 Auxiliary Tank Capacity N/A N/A N/A INTERIOR CONFIGURATION Galleys Lavatories Cabin Attendant Seats Seats G1, G2, G5 LA, LD, LE 6 Quantity Manufacturer Catering Standard Cockpit … ZFW (Zero fuel weight) indique la masse maximale de l'avion sans carburant. ZERO FUEL TAKE OFF LANDING %MAC WEIGHT. Passengers (1-class) 220 – 240. Minimum Weight A321. It is normally done by the tailplane. Often times you will be unable to do step climbs because of the gross weight glitch. Airbus is planning a further performance tweak to the A220 family by increasing the maximum zero-fuel weight and maximum landing weight of the twinjet. Performance. 62500 Kg. Charters; ACMI Lease; Maintenance; About Us. Max Zero Fuel Weight The A320neo offers unmatched comfort in its category. Maximum Landing Weight A321. Services. Zero Fuel Weight: 62.50 tonnes: Max. Overview Review : Airbus A320-214 Ultimate by FlightFactor Aero This Airbus aircraft from FlightFactor Aero is pretty unique. This value can … For example, if an aircraft is flying at a weight of 5,000 kg and the weight of fuel on board is 500 kg, the ZFW is 4,500 kg. PW1100G-JM, 2 x 33110 lb CFMI Leap-1A, 2 x 32160 lb. Maximum Landing Weight is not really of more importance, it's just a different number. How-ever for TOI, the determination of the Taxi Fuel Index is complex because it depends both on the amount and the location of the fuel consumed during taxi. One problem might be that the Gross Weight isn't changing. Delete. based on calculation I used PFPX to calculate the passenger and the cargo with an average of 76 kg per passenger. UNDLD | MAX BLOCK STAB TRIM . Name:FSLabs A320X IAE . On imagine bien que ce ZFW sera soumis à une limite à ne pas dépasser, qui sera définie par le constructeur de l’avion en fonction des calculs de résistance des matériaux effectués lors de la conception de l’avion. Features of the A320 Unmatched comfort. Here are the 3 aircrafts listed in the family A321 from the manufacturer Airbus with more technical data if provided.. landplane AIRBUS A-321 (icao: A321) 1993, Engine: jet (2), WTC: M, Standard A321-100/200 Ceo, Price: 115 M Guaranteeing the A320 holds its status as the best-ever aircraft, the A320neo (new engine option) is the perfection of a few innovative advances conveyed via Airbus' proceeding with responsibility and interest in the best aircraft group ever. Ideally, the pitching moments should cancel each other out, but in practice, a secondary method of balancing is used. You can go back to the previous layout by resizing the window. Aircraft Model: A320: A319: Pax Capacity: 12F/132C: 8F/112C: Max TO Weight: 169,700 lbs. Maximum Zero Fuel Weight A320. I then figured out the figures for the A321 by playing around with the fuel and payload values. Get a quote or give us a call on +359 2 9533331. Zero Fuel Weight: 61¶000kg ZFW CG: 28.8% ... systèmes de l'A320, vous aurez un aperçu beaucoup plus détaillé des systèmes en utilisant l'affichage ECAM inférieur ou l'affichage du système/état (SD) qui est contrôlé par le panneau de contrôle ECAM situé sur le socle central sous l'affichage ECAM inférieur. Enables the zero fuel weight and zero fuel weight center of gravity to be entered. Gross Weight and the Center of Gravitybased on: – ZFW/ZFWCG entered by the pilot – The fuel quantity indication (from the FQI) – The fuel flow information (from the FADEC) MCDU ZFW ZFWCG FM GW CG Fuel qty Pilot input FQI Fuel flow FADEC This is an acceptable simplification. Masse sans carburant (Zero Fuel Weight ZFW) L’addition de la masse de base et de la charge marchande totale constitue la masse sans carburant ZFW de notre avion. I think I averaged 50kg/min during the entire cruise. Only IAE available. Actual Take-Off Weight less the Trip Fuel. Typical operating weight empty 42.4 tonnes 93.5 lbs. that lift acts behind weight and thrust acts below drag. 73800 Kg. 47500 Kg. Maximum payload (kg) 21 200. AIRFRAME. Taxi fuel (KG/min): 15 DOW (KG):44100 MZFW (KG):62500 MTOW (KG):77000 MLW (KG):66000. Difference between MTOW and Zero Fuel Weight. Your ideal cruise therefore might be 29,000 instead of 36,000, for instance. It is the maximum payload that can be loaded on the aircraft, either passengers or cargo or a combination of both with the fuel tanks empty. – Taxi Fuel Weight TOI = Zero Fuel Index + Ramp Fuel Index – Taxi Fuel Index For TOW, airlines use a standard value for taxi fuel weight. A higher MZFW allows you to carry a heavier payload. Weight and Balance will be added after release. Everything that's left is your zero fuel weight. Maximum zero fuel weight 61 (62.5) tonnes 134.5 (137.8) lbs. FACTORS AFFECTING MASS AND BALANCE IN AIRCRAFT • TAILPLANE: • It supplies the force necessary to balance any residual pitching moment. Unknown August 28, 2016 at 1:16 PM. Here are the 4 aircrafts listed in the family A320 from the manufacturer Airbus with more technical data if provided. Find attached a table for both A320 and A321 weights given in lbs and kgs. The lighter weight of the A318 gives it an operating range 10% greater than the A320, allowing it to serve some routes that the A320 would be unable to: London – New York, Perth–Auckland and Singapore–Tokyo, for instance. Aircraft Familiarization Airbus A320 is narrow bodied aircraft consists of short- to medium- range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners manufactured by Airbus 6. A. Runway Slope +\- 2%. Unusable fuel is included in ZFW. Let's Start and save Time. C'est la masse que l'on peut avoir sans que le poids central de l'avion soit trop important par rapport aux poids et portances des ailes. 37230 Kg. The spacious cabin gives more personal space to each seat regardless of the cabin class, with a minimum of 18" of seat width in standard Economy Class. Maximum Taxi Weight A321. Cabin Data. Max Landing Weight: 142,200 lbs. Standard fuel capacity (L) 23 600 - 29 600. Reply. The zero-fuel weight (ZFW) of an aircraft is the total weight of the airplane and all its contents, minus the total weight of the usable fuel on board. Its main use for airlines, however, is on short, low-density hops between medium-sized cities. x 1000. For ZFWCG, enter a default value of /25.0 (a slash must precede the numerals). Aircraft Make and Model: Airbus A320-200; Aircraft Manufacturer's Serial Number: 2496; Model of Engines: IAE V2527-A5; Date of Manufacture: June 2005 CARGO SYSTEMS Getting to Grips with Aircraft Weight and Balance 7 S YSTEMS SYSTEMS CARGO SYSTEMS INTRODUCTION Airbus aircraft are designed for passenger civil air transport with a passenger cabin on the upper Clients and Partners. Replies. x 1000 Maximum fuel capacity 23,860 (29,840) Litres 6,300 (7,885) US gal. For calculation you need to fill only Departure Fuel, Specific Gravity and Uplifted in liter. Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 Reply. Nous mettons /51 l'aide du clavier du MCDU et validons par la touche LSK en face de ZFW (sch ma 3, point 3). Minimum Weight A320. Possible Passenger Seats: 180: Typical Seating 2-Class: 140–170 .