Would you measure up? The enormous and complex Astronomical Clock of Strasbourg cathedral situated in the right brace of the transept is a Renaissance piece. Indeed, construction began by the chancel and the north transept in Romanesque style. The 16th century marked a turning point for Strasbourg and its cathedral, following the eruption of Humanism and the Reformation. Anciennes Glacières de Strasbourg ©Schlosser Saunal / monumentum.fr. Click here to get your free copy now! There so many interesting and unique things to see and do in Strasbourg, that it would be easy to overlook these quirky hidden gems. Strasbourg, Free City of the Empire, thereby taunted the authority of Emperor Charles V (a Habsburg and faithful Catholic). One such shell was never removed and is still visible on the façade of the Hotel de la Cathedrale. Marque Editions du Bastberg. L’édifice roman s’élève de terre. This was one of the ruses of protectors of the cathedral who, under the pretext of taunting the Germanic enemy by brandishing a symbol of the Revolution, avoided its destruction. Donnez votre avis. The statues of the prophets of the Old Testament are represented here in the five arches of the portal. Ulrich of Ensingen had planned to cap the tower with a relatively simple spire. The formidable story behind the French croissant. 1015, les pierres de fondation de la première grande cathédrale de Strasbourg sont posées. In 1518, the Theses of Luther were attached to the cathedral doors, and printing houses – which had a strong presence in the town thanks to Gutenberg – accelerated the propagation of the emerging Protestant faith. La cathédrale de Strasbourg a été construite en 1176 et a été terminée en 1439. This was perhaps a sign that gothic art had gone out of fashion (the Renaissance was already flourishing in Italy) or, more rationally, that the townsfolk were too poor to undertake such a task. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. It represents the Virgin dressed in blue. The view over the city of Strasbourg here is spectacular and on a clear day you can see the Alsace Plain, the Vosges, and the Black Forest (Germany). At the heart of the chancel are twelve busts, representing the Twelve Apostles. It is Eastward-facing, towards Jerusalem, as was the tradition in the construction of cathedrals in the Middle Ages (as with Notre-Dame in Paris and the cathedrals of Metz and Rouen). It can only accommodate a small dozen people at any one time. If the French brought their influence to gothic art (red and blue stained glass windows), the Germanic world knew how to impose its ideas (stained glass windows including the colour green). Several rooms and machines have been preserved as part of the hotel development project and were registered in 1991 on the list of historic monuments of Strasbourg. ISBN 978-2-8482-3083-2. 6.5K likes. The cathedral’s interior contains a rich collection of stained glass windows (more than 4,600 panels), most of which date from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. The reduced dimensions of the chancel and the 63 metre length of the nave (among the longest in France) accentuate the impression of disproportion. An architectural style that first originated from France and spread all over Europe. The cathedral’s single bell tower and its magnificent spire have symbolised the city of Strasbourg for several centuries. Another statue of the Virgin is located above the tympanum, which itself is surmounted by a statue of Christ, King and Judge, whose throne is surrounded by musical lions. Carried out by Johannes of Aachen, it is dedicated to St Laurent and recounts his martyrdom. This is the point of honour of the rich statuary that characterises the façade. La construction de la cathédrale de Strasbourg demanda beaucoup de temps et d’argent. The cathedral seen from the Palais Rohan © French Moments. View deals for Hotel Cathedrale, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. The most successful example – and unique in France – is the “curtain” made of stone harps, fixed in front of the load-bearing walls. Five Wise Virgins each carry a lamp and the open Table of Law and beside them is the ideal husband. Le plus secret : L’Aedaen Place. Shows, events, workshops, or a simple drink shared away from the crowds will guarantee you unforgettable moments. Two nave spans further away, the magnificent hexagonal pulpit in flamboyant gothic style features statuary of some fifty small figurines. So in 1490, architect Hans Hammer designed the plan for a second spire, but his project was not carried out. At 132 metres high, the platform of the spire marks the end of the spire and the start of the peak. During the showdown on 23 August, Prussian forces opened fire on the city, unleashing a massive attack and the siege didn’t end until France’s capitulation on 11 September, with considerable damage done to the city. This book has been for me a great resource that helped me better understand the Gothic movement in art from the 12th century to the Renaissance. Livre de 37 pages. These characters are supposed to be the link between ancient and modern times and, as such, are guarantors of the accurate unfolding of history. Château Vodou, located downtown in a converted water tower or château d’eau, presents intriguing and eerie objects of worship, divination, and witchcraft. In 1794, a Strasbourgeois capped the spire with a huge Phrygian bonnet in tinplate. Each edge of the octagonal tower has a succession of six small hexagonal spiral staircases. Vous pouvez facilement le trouver au 12-13 Place de la cathédrale. The dedicated religious orders that used wine both for ceremonial and therapeutic purposed turned winemaking into an art form. The Pillar of Angels, an architectural prowess at the time of its construction around 1230, serves as the central pillar of the south transept. It marks the end of the tower and the start of the spire. Notice the small sculpture of a dog on the stairs. This work by Hans Hammer for the preacher, Geiler of. The newly bell tower-topped cathedral now reached a height of 100 metres. With the cathedral in Basle having been completed, the new one in Strasbourg was to be even more glorious. He grew up in France and Germany and has also lived in Australia and England. The façade of Strasbourg Cathedral © French Moments. In comparison, the towers of Notre-Dame in Paris reach 69m and the spire of the crossing of the transept, built by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century stands at 96m high. These are set in motion every fifteen minutes but the complete display of animated characters takes place daily at noon in Strasbourg – which is actually 12.30 in France! Livre jeunesse "La Cathédrale de Strasbourg - Le Grand Secret" aux Editions Bastberg. Christ blesses them and the rooster perched on the left tower flaps its wings while crowing three times (an allusion to Peter’s denial in the Gospels). And, of course, it mentions the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Strasbourg! Some blog posts and pages may contain affiliate or sponsored links. French Moments is about promoting the French culture and language through its website and social network. Unlike the Gothic tradition of featuring Saints, it instead shows ears of wheat. Above the rose window is the Gallery of Apostles. This incredible masterpiece is telling of the pride that the Strasbourgeois feel in counting their cathedral among the seven wonders of Germany. Seated on her lap, Baby Jesus wears a red outfit (a symbol of royalty) and in his hand he holds a lily, emblem of the city of Strasbourg. The architect of the Cathedral of Strasbourg built the most modern building of his time in the Holy Roman Empire. Les premières pierres de la cathédrale de Strasbourg ont été posées en 1015. As mentioned above, the spire extends to 142 metres in height and still remains Europe’s tallest medieval structure, because even though the height of the cathedrals of Cologne (157m) and Ulm (161m) in Germany, and that of Rouen (151m) in France exceed the record held by Strasbourg from 1647 to 1874, the construction of their towers only dates back to the 19th century. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", 2- 13 Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France, unique things to see and do in Strasbourg, Château Musée Vodou, Rue de Koenigshoffen, Strasbourg, France. The portal of Strasbourg cathedral © French Moments. In addition, the Great Plague of 1349 caused enormous human loss and financial difficulties for the city. La Nef, le Beffroi, les escaliers. Les Haras de Strasbourg, 23 Rue des Glacières, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 90 20 50 00, Wine bar at Les Haras ©Sylvia Edwards Davis. Its round shape expresses at once the image of the cosmos, the Earth, and the Sun – often seen as a symbol of God watching over his creation. The Chief Magistrate of Strasbourg did not like the cathedral’s new silhouette, entrusting Ulrich of Ensingen with the task of erecting an octagonal-shaped 34 metre high bell tower at the base of the North Tower. Hotel Cathedrale: Wonderful view, not so wonderful hotel - See 588 traveler reviews, 335 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel Cathedrale at Tripadvisor. Aujourd'hui sur Rakuten, 990 Cathedrale Strasbourg vous attendent au sein de notre rayon . The tower strangely resembled that of the Cathedral of Ulm in Germany (the tallest in the world), which the architect had also worked on. As this is not the first time you are here, you may be interested in downloading the guide "20 Amazing Offbeat Places in Paris". He declared that he would wait for the structure to collapse to prove the veracity of his conviction. L’histoire de l’édifice est intimement liée à … Other specialists believed instead that the construction of a second tower on a renowned unstable ground could destabilise the building and cause serious damage. At this time, the Chief Magistrate had reason to be satisfied with the work, because the Strasbourgeois considered the building as a symbol of the power and greatness of their city. Project A is one of the oldest preserved architecture designs in the Western World, dating from the 1260s. The Vauban Dam was built in the 17th century as a defensive structure. This very richly decorated pulpit expresses in the magnificence of its sculptures, the essential importance of the Bible, the words of which must be announced until the ends of the earth. Strasbourg Tourism Strasbourg … In 1356, the city of Basle and the Sundgau (South of Alsace) were destroyed by an earthquake, which may have reduced the builders’ and some traumatised inhabitants’ enthusiasm for the project. It is from here that Bible readings read during mass were explained and discussed. It features twelve sculptures: the 4 evangelists, angels playing the trumpet and, further up, Christ the Judge, seated, serene and benevolent, and surrounded by angels carrying the Instruments of the Passion. It’s not exactly a secret, but this Strasbourg hidden gem can be easily overlooked. and the Synagogue (eyes blindfolded, a sign of the refusal of true faith by the Jewish religion). De la cathédrale romane d’origine, dont la construction a commencé en 1015, il ne reste presque rien. Alsace At the crossing of the transept, the Romanesque-style lantern tower dates back to 1878 and is the work of Gustave Klotz. They symbolised the commercial power of Strasbourg in the Middle Ages. Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France, An unusual grotesque in Strasbourg’s Cathedral ©JRH430/WikiCommons. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The cathedral was not returned to the Catholic faith until 1681, following the Wars of Religion of the 17th century and the annexation of the city by Louis XIV. Facebook; ... Mais je vous laisse avec mon guide qui vous dévoilera l’histoire de chaque secret. The south lateral portal of the transept is one of the oldest visible parts of Romanesque style in the cathedral. From a logical standpoint, the register of the tympanum depicts the Last Judgement. The cathedral seen from the Petite France district © French Moments. The façade of Strasbourg cathedral © French Moments. Corner of Rue de la Nuée Bleue and Place-Saint-Pierre-Le-Jeune, Strasbourg, France, We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. The base of the bell tower and a number of walls from the original Romanesque structure are still visible, as well as 14th-century frescoes, and remains from the 11th-century columns. The second platform is that of the large tower, at a height of 100 metres. The original plan of its façade by Edwin von Steinbach consisted of only two storeys and two spire-topped towers. Its cul-de-four cupola is decorated with neo-byzantine frescoes dating from the 19th century. Self-taught, this 61 year old former apprentice watchmaker-turned professor of mathematics and auditor of weights and measures had wanted to devote himself to the reparation of the clock with a very complex mechanism since his childhood. Close to the pillar, note the statue of a man leaning on a railing. Moreover its forms were largely inspired by the Saint Denis Basilica, which was then a new reference during the 13th century. It constitutes the central point of the façade. Click here to get your free copy now! At 32 metres high and 36 metres wide (including collaterals), it is built in radiant gothic style. Its 142 metre-high spire was the highest monument in the world from 1647 until 1874, and its height makes it the second-tallest cathedral in France after that of Rouen. The interior of Strasbourg cathedral is majestic, with its beautifully-proportioned nave, respectful of gothic – commonly known as classic – style. Among its many striking features are the amazing intricate gargoyles and grotesques that adorn its exterior. 31 Rue des Hallebardes, Strasbourg, Grand Est, 67000, France, 800-246-8357 For the lucky ones who can gain permission to reach it, the view here is without any doubt fantastic. These rest on an alternation of columns and pillars, whose capitals are roughly sculpted with fabulous plant and animal motifs. The clock’s mechanism was entirely recreated thanks to Schwilgué’s knowledge, notably in the subject of clock wheel manufacturing. I’ve also found interesting the in-depth discussion of the most diverse art forms, including painting, sculpture, metalwork and even book illumination! For individuals: Duration: 1h30; Rates: Full rate 7€, reduced rate 3,50€ (students, youths aged 12-18, holders of the Strasbourg Pass) Meeting point: usually in front of the tourist info at 17, Place de la Cathédrale Aujourd’hui il reste 9 obus ou boulets enfoncés ou disposés dans des murs de Strasbourg. The French Christmas Traditions: A Discovery Guide! If you’re planning a trip, using these links helps us keep things running. Finally, behind you, you can admire the Great Rose Window above the grand portal. A Strasbourg, il semble tourner autour de l’édifice gothique et s’engouffrer dans la courte place qui devance la cathédrale. Have you heard of the büchmesser? Its 14th century buffet extends across an entire span of the nave. The crossing of the transept and the lantern tower, Strasbourg Cathedral © French Moments. In German, the sandstone is called Sandstein, which means “stone of sand”, and is known in French as “grès”. 30 sept. 2015 - Vertus terrassant les vices.La cathédrale de Strasbourg. The tourist information of Strasbourg provides several guided tours for individuals and groups. Strasbourg le 22 juin 2015. Liked it? Its mechanism stopped working one day in 1788 and it remained “mute” for several years until 1838 when the task of repairing it was entrusted to an Alsatian, Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué (1776-1856). It is … Et cela, aussi bien du côté du neuf que des produits Cathedrale De Strasbourg occasion. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . It was the “poor man’s Bible”, a succession of small fairly easily identifiable pictures for the people of the time. If the width of the man exceeded the width of the column, they were in trouble with the boss. 200 et 201 ) quand il dit de la Cathédrale: « Nos anciens ont excellé dans la construction des tours . At 32 metres in height, it is taller than that of, The cathedral’s interior contains a rich collection of, Heading back towards the nave from the portal, visitors discover to their left the, Two nave spans further away, the magnificent hexagonal pulpit in flamboyant gothic style features statuary of some fifty small figurines. The arches of the north portal are decorated with majestic and graceful 14th century statues representing the virtues and striking down the vices and, around the tympanum, by angels and other biblical characters. Les Haras de Strasbourg, 23 Rue des Glacières, Strasbourg, France. Every day at noon you can catch a quirky ritual in the streets of Strasbourg. The Bishop thus had to recourse to indulgences in 1253 to finish the nave. This is the façade’s most richly decorated portal. Unlike in other buildings in Germany, the builders of the Cathedral of Strasbourg did not include architectural elements particular to the region. Contrary to custom, the apostle taking the place of Judas, Matthias, is himself replaced by the Apostle Paul. The cathedral’s unusual silhouette is due to several changes of plan in the history of its construction. The weekly maintenance of the clock is carried out by a watchmaker every Monday. As a successful example of how to contrast historical heritage and contemporary design, a visit to the hotel and restaurant Les Haras de Strasbourg is a must. But Johannes Hültz of Cologne, resuming the task of the works, completely changed the project and created a very complex and graceful spire. The best travel bag for your next trip to France! Strasbourg Cathedral is minutes away. During the Revolution, all the statues were ordered to be destroyed. Not surprisingly, these statues were the first to suffer the torments of the Revolution. Construction of the current cathedral began at the end of the 12th century, by the Bishop of Strasbourg, Henry of Hasenburg. If you're new here, you may be interested in downloading the guide "20 Amazing Offbeat Places in Paris". Scheduled visiting hours inside Strasbourg cathedral have been established in order to respect this place of worship: on weekdays between 10am and 5.30pm, and Sundays between 12.30pm and 6.30pm. The nave of Strasbourg cathedral © French Moments. La Fondation de l'Oeuvre Notre Dame organise un grand nettoyage de la Cathedrale. These are followed by four more twisted staircases within four huge pinnacles that are fitted on four corners of the tower and are clearly visible from the outside. However this number could have been much higher if an administrator of public property had not managed to hide 67 of them! The construction of the spire, at a height of 42 metres, was not completed until much later, in 1439. ... Moonshiners est un bar caché de Strasbourg … La Cathedrale de Strasbourg is considered a masterpiece of gothic architecture. In the four historiated registers you can read scenes from the Old and New Testament, with the Passion of Christ as the central theme at the centre of the collection, and a statue of the Virgin With Child personifies Universal Wisdom (Sophia of the Greeks), the axis around which everything is ordered. An angel rings a bell while a second one turns over the hourglass. This would be a jealous architect competitor who predicted that such a pillar could never support the archway. Il aura fallu quatre siècles pour l'ériger jusqu'à son sommet. This is the strongest man in the cathedral, bent over by the superhuman effort of supporting the entire weight of the building on his back. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Devote some time on your next visit to discover these secret spots. Bienvenue sur le site de Happy Strasbourg, les spécialistes des Free Tours à Strasbourg ! Recognisable from afar thanks to its atypical allure, the Cathedral of Strasbourg is the undisputed emblem of the city, and at times of the whole of Alsace. Visite guidée insolite de la Cathédrale de Strasbourg. The nave, for example, not only followed the Ile de France’s own gothic style (French Gothic), but dared to go even further by adopting the most popular trends of gothic style in France. 50 Beautiful Photos Of Rural France To Cheer You Up! Seriously old wine. 1 Place de L Hôpital, Strasbourg, France, Oldest wine in the cellar of the hospice in Strasbourg ©Philippe de Rexel/OT Strasbourg. Toutes les commandes sont préparées à la demande et généralement expédiées sous 24 heures dans le monde entier. In fact it only dates back to 1878 and is the work of Gustave Klotz. The first clock was completed in 1571 with the same Renaissance-style buffet and the same animated decorations and characters. This is definitely the book I recommend if – like me – you love everything about Gothic such as churches, gargoyles, stained glass, flying buttresses and so much more.
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