Individuals are eligible to be awarded up to two Advanced Fellowships sequentially, not normally totalling more than 8 years WTE of funding. Proposals will also involve close collaborations with the users of the research within the health and social care setting. NIHR Academy will fund the salary costs and training and development of the applicant; whereas EME will fund the research costs. In most cases applicants will not be able to request more than 8 years’ worth of funding across 2 Advanced Fellowships, however there may be certain exceptional circumstances where more than 8 years’ worth of funding is appropriate. V) Consumables. Therefore, along with the research proposal, NIHR panels will assess the abilities, academic trajectory, existing experience, commitment to a career in health or care research, ambition and aspirations of the applicant, the standards in the research training environment, and the plans for explicit training in research methods. For further support and advice on writing a plain English summary, please contact your local Research Design Service From 1 July 2020, it is required to top up the salaries of new doctoral students with a scholarship to the lowest salary level (standard rate), which may not be lower than this. Brain Tumours- This highlight notice indicates the continuing interest of NIHR in receiving research proposals in this area, and it encourages collaborative applications that demonstrate how they build on recent initiatives and investment in the area made by the NIHR, the MRC and other research funders. Please also include in the ‘Role in Research Grant’ box for each entry: registration number and name of registry and the DOI of the main related publication. Written evidence of the award from the awarding body of the PhD or MD will be required prior to attending for interview. In this situation no justification or link to the research is required. This notice is under constant review and will be updated and / or revised based on that review as appropriate. You won’t be able to apply to the October 2019 round. The DHSC Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at: The Trust would particularly welcome applications from social care researchers, allied health professionals and/or public health researchers. When it states applicants can propose between 50% and 100% WTE for the time they will spend undertaking their fellowship, does this mean applicants can select any percentage option between 50 and 100% WTE? )?Yes – we will consider funding the development of models where there is a case for service need or patient/service user/carer/public benefit. Clearly describe how the proposed arrangements will support your overall development and provide an initial assessment of the time that will be allocated to the research support process. A. All queries about the application process should be directed to the NIHR Academy. This is a post-doctoral Fellowship and aimed at anyone with a PhD who hasn’t yet been awarded a chair. The NIHR is also prepared to support high quality research into 'medical education' (defined broadly as education for healthcare providers) and methodological research. Proposals from other types of institutions/organisations should leave this section blank. Costs claimed should be for the additional support from the CTU for the necessary expertise that the trainee cannot provide themselves. Proposals must show a clear link to improving disease outcomes and/or improvements in health. Without it, your application will not be validated and you will not be able to submit. It is essential to set out your plans to involve patients and the public in this application. Explain what collaborations you intend to establish to support your research and, if applicable, your training and development programme. For applications where the contractor is an NHS body or provider of NHS or social care services in England, up to 100% of direct costs will be paid, If you are a commercial organisation/consultancy, please fill in direct costs and commercial indirect costs. For clinical academic applicants only: completion of relevant pre-registration training, Further the understanding of the mechanisms of ageing, Help treat disease, disability and frailty relating to ageing, Develop and innovate in the care and support of older people, Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, General wellbeing surrounding women’s health issues. 1 Advanced Fellowship and 1 Doctoral Fellowship. It will normally only be possible to apply to the same Fellowship a maximum of two times. Linking to and using the response to the Applicant Research Background section you should highlight the impact of outputs listed under research grants and make the case for why your experience and outputs make you suitable for the fellowship being applied for. No, you will need to decide which fellowship you are going to apply to. This section includes journey costs, subsistence and dissemination costs, including conference fees. Once this has been submitted you will receive an email confirming your registration and a temporary password. Research should have the potential to make a real difference to the lives of children with neurodisability and their families within 5 years of completion. The suitability and potential of the applicant to champion knowledge mobilisation practice and to conduct research into knowledge mobilisation processes/impacts; The potential of the proposed activities to: inform knowledge mobilisation within health and social care settings through new research into knowledge mobilisation; and engage with and influence local knowledge mobilisation activities. We recognise these changes won’t necessarily be significant enough to allow people to submit an application due to changes caused by the current pandemic but will make sure that when applicants do look to submit an application at a future date the delay in submitting an application won’t affect eligibility or competitiveness. Confidential information including research proposals (excluding the Plain English Summary, which will be published), detailed finance information, bank details, and departmental staff names (other than the award holder’s name) will be removed from the published versions. Please describe the ways in which patients/service users, carers and the public will be actively involved in the proposed research, including any training and support provided – 350 word limit. It is expected that the research will have the potential to have practical application and the potential impact on patients/service users, carers and the public must be made clear, For clinical academic applicants: completion of relevant pre-registration training, For non-clinical applicants: completion of first degree. For the best experience, please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Please complete the check boxes as appropriate. Careful thought should be given to a) the experience of your chosen supervisors, b) maintaining contact, and c) the potential for difficulties of communication and conflicting opinions and advice when there are more than two supervisors. For personal doctoral-level awards the proposal: For Advanced Fellowships, early translational (experimental medicine) research. Use current rates of pay, and build in any known annual increments (again at current rates). You must also ensure that you include all costs including those required to secure good research management, Costs must be provided at current prices. For more senior post-doctoral awards it may be more appropriate for other members of staff to be undertaking some of the day-to-day tasks. Indirect costs will be charged in proportion to the amount of research staff effort requested on the award. Applicants can also include non-staff costs for the CTU for example; randomisation service, and license fees for l data management software. When considering the length of Advanced Fellowship, both in terms of WTE and the length of the award, careful thought should be given to the following: 80% (with the exception of conference related costs, which are paid at 100%), Training and development (but not any travel or subsistence which should appear in Travel, subsistence and conference fees), Other partner organisation indirect costs. These are costs of an institution’s research resources which can be charged to the research on the basis of estimated use, rather than actual costs. Doctoral Fellowships are 3 years WTE in duration and may be taken up on a part time basis of between 50 and 100% WTE. These can be lease or purchase costs. A. PROSPERO was developed by the NIHR’s Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), and is the first online facility to register systematic reviews for research about health and social care from all around the world. Therefore as part of this round we are encouraging applicants to think about how they can involve an industry partner in their application where relevant. Relevant Prizes, Awards and other Academic Distinctions. Any large costs should be further detailed with a breakdown of constituent parts or a timescale profile of the costs. Please indicate clearly any co-applicants and provide brief details of the nature and full extent of your involvement (e.g. Under the new arrangements, sign off via the LCRN AcoRD Specialist is required to confirm the study attribution complies with the Department of Health and Social Care AcoRD guidance. Applicants should contact their local NHS R&D Department initially and, if they are unable to help directly or if there is no local NHS R&D Department, contact their Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) for advice on NHS Support Costs. November 17, 2020 GMT. Once signed into the system you will be able to update various details including your CV (in ‘manage my details’) and apply for any open applications. There are some exceptions to this which are explained in the FAQ document in Annex C. This does not include applications to predecessors of this new programme (e.g. All other activities must be undertaken outside the percentage time declared as the basis of the Fellowship. Further information on the transparency agenda is at: The applicant(s) should consult their HEI Finance Departments for the appropriate figures to include in the estate charges and other indirect cost sections. 2 0 obj Please note HEI indirect costs cannot be claimed on shared staff costs. If you are proposing research which fits within one or more of these Themes you should indicate this on the application form. If an applicant’s PhD costs exceed £4,327 (per annum on a full time basis), it is expected that the applicant’s host institution will cover any excess costs associated with the PhD fees. Therefore, where appropriate, you should consider any industry collaborations you may wish to establish during the course of your Fellowship. This could include proof of concept studies in humans and phase 1 clinical trials. E-Mail: Social care research falls within  the remit and terms of the HRA. Patients/service users, carers and public can be involved in every stage of a research project, from developing a proposal through to dissemination and evaluation. beyond the outcomes to be collected in the funded trial) using routinely collected data, and appropriate linkage to allow this data to be best used. For advanced fellowships, opportunities will be available to propose research in either atopic dermatitis, the most common inflammatory skin condition, or, alopecia areata, a common cause of immune mediated non scarring hair loss. If the name of your Host Organisation does not appear in the pre-populated list please email Advanced Fellowships are available to start between April 2021 and September 2021. The remaining time must only be allocated to the research or research-related training proposed in the application. Contracts valued at $7.5 million or more are announced each business day at 5 p.m. INVOLVE have produced a number of useful payment-related resources which can be found at the following link: These are as follows: Advanced: up to £2,000 per year of funding, Dissemination costs (in addition to conference costs). INVOLVE can support prospective applicants and existing awardees to incorporate effective patient/service user/carer and public involvement into their work. The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are pleased to announce the provisional awards for the Extension Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral Studies in 2020. 2. Please contact the Research Design Service (RDS) for help and advice with your research design and methodology, All applications for Doctoral and Advanced Fellowships undergo an initial screen for eligibility and compatibility with the NIHR remit. In this situation it should be made clear within the application how any clinical/practice time being covered by the Fellowship links to and is complementary to the research being proposed. Government officials are not eligible to apply to the programme . We fund research according to the potential for patient/service user/carer/public benefit rather than according to specific methodologies. Awards can only be undertaken with the WTE options given. Yes. Researchers applying for NIHR funding are asked to consider the carbon footprint of their research and take steps to reduce carbon emissions where appropriate. These Advanced Fellowships in Knowledge Mobilisation will be available for a maximum of 24 months full time (part time options between 50% and 100% available). There is a limit on the amount that can be spent on conference related costs (including all related travel and subsistence as well as conference fees) depending on the level you are applying for. This should cover both the training you may need to undertake the research being proposed but also training designed to support your development as a future health\social care research leader. Suitability and commitment of the applicant to a career as a researcher in applied health or social care research. You will be asked to supply a valid email address and to complete some basic information. Indirect costs should be charged in proportion to the amount of research staff effort requested on the funding application form. Up to 100% of costs will be paid, If you are an other partner organisation (e.g. For help with estimating PPI costs please see the INVOLVE cost calculator available at, When justifying staff costs you should also provide the % amount of time input of each member of staff and link this to the specific area/work package of the proposed study where this input will be taking place, You should indicate here how this research will potentially benefit the NHS, social care and/ or public health. Individuals must not already hold a Chair at the point of application. The response to this question will not be displayed to the review panel. Please provide costs for any overseas research visits that the applicant wishes to undertake during the course of the award. Where appropriate applicants are encouraged to read the MRC complex interventions guidance available here: If you require any further information, advice or guidance please contact: The following FAQs are designed to help applicants decide whether the research they are proposing as part of a Fellowship or other research training application falls within the remit of the NIHR. Do you fund research into patient/service user, carer and public involvement in research? For Doctoral Fellowships, which are always 3 years WTE, the end date will automatically adjust depending on the WTE selected. Durée : 36 mois Structure de référence : Laboratoire d’excellence OBVIL. It is important that you consider these costs and discuss them with the NHS bodies or providers of NHS services involved in order to avoid any delay in commencing the research. Research you have led or made a significant contribution to (making clear what your role was), the research methods you have experience of, and the impact and outputs of the research you have been involved in (linking to details given in your CV). An applied epidemiological component can also be considered as part of a larger project or programme of work. Please click on the name of each programme for more information about the entry requirements, nature and structure of programme and contact details of … Pep Guardiola has signed a new two-year contract to continue as Manchester City’s manager until 2023. This section has been removed from the stage 1 application to make it easier to submit an application in response to the COVID-19 situation. When you say the majority of funding will still be in ‘response mode’ what does this mean? A. For clinical/practice applicants (including social care practitioners) applying for a Doctoral Fellowship on a full time basis, up to 2 sessions per week (i.e. Doctoral Research Fellowships (DRFs), Post-Doctoral Fellowships (PDFs), Transitional Research Fellowships (TRFs), Career Development Fellowships (CDFs), Senior Research Fellowships (SRFs) or Clinician Scientist). A strong case would need to be made for this as part of an application and anyone proposing doing so should contact NIHR in advance of submitting an application for advice. For example if you apply to the round opening in April 2019 you will not be able to apply again until the April 2020 round. Quality of doctoral research already undertaken (where relevant). Describe how you will support and enable patient/service users, carers and public involvement in your research (e.g. Will there be any restrictions on the number of times I can apply for a Fellowship? Full justification should be provided for all staff costs requested. Total Commercial/Other Partner Organisation indirect costs must be fully justified. VIII) Training and Development. Please specify the hourly rate and the number of hours and note that consultants must not be people who are already employed by the applicant’s institution. Campagne 2020 Contrats Doctoraux Instituts/Initiatives Proposition de Projet de Recherche Doctoral (PRD) Appel à projet ITE - Institut de la Transition Environnementale 2020 Intitulé du Projet de Recherche Doctoral : Adaptagro: Adaptation and mitigation in agricultural … Aucun dossier déposé par un(e) étudiant(e) n’est recevable. If you are not sure which category to select, choose the closest match to your project as this can be adjusted later. endstream The health of members of this large cohort will be followed over the coming years and the participants have consented to be approached about health research. Essential items of equipment plus maintenance and related costs not included as part of estates should be input in this section. If you would like to discuss this further in relation to your personal circumstances please get in touch with the NIHR using the details provided above. Candidates to doctoral school First Registration ; Thesis Financing ; Doctoral Contract . This includes any work involving animals or their tissue, which NIHR does not fund under any circumstances. Where applicable, you will need to include the travel and subsistence costs of your Project Advisory Group, Steering Committee and/or Data Monitoring & Ethics Committee. The NIHR Academy is part of the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). charity or NGO), please fill in direct costs and other partner organisations indirect costs. Failing to validate your answers may result in you being unable to submit your application by the required deadline. If the application is unsuccessful at any stage during the EME application then the Advanced Fellowship application will also be withdrawn. Depending on professional background and expertise, you are not necessarily expected to have an extensive list of publications for the Doctoral level of the programme, or if you are an early career Advanced level applicant. For non-clinical applicants the Fellowship does not include or pay for any activities other than the research and research-related training proposed in a successful application. Do you fund research into workforce? Access is completely free and open to the public. Please declare any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest that you may have in undertaking this research, including any relevant, non-personal & commercial interest that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. In addition, a salary development must be provided for. For example, where appropriate, describe the likely cost savings or benefits in terms of numbers of patients/service users/carers supported or treated, treatment times etc, You should describe the value for money of the conduct of the proposed research, Please provide a breakdown of the NHS costs associated with undertaking the research and provide justification for the resources required. Advice on how to do this can be obtained from the NIHR Carbon Reduction Guidelines, In line with the government’s transparency agenda, any contract resulting from this tender may be published in its entirety to the general public. Le contrat doctoral est un contrat de droit public conditionné par l'inscription en doctorat.Conclu pour une durée de trois ans, il est applicable dans les universités comme dans les organismes de recherche.
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