9 001,21 zł ... Nowa oferta sprzedaży Leitz Leica M6 Black 10404 #1665983. The titanium in the "Titanium Leica M6" is merely a thin plating applied to plain old brass. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi: kofiwidget2.init('Support Me on Ko-fi', '#46b798', 'D1D0KHG8');kofiwidget2.draw(); Learn about where your money goes here. Provenance : Japon. It is a center-weighted meter so you can’t exactly just point it at tough lighting and expect to get perfect exposures every time. I also had a brief stint with an M4-P with an MR-4 meter while my M6 was getting CLA’d and liked it quite a bit. I still have the M2. This means a new set of cells will last for about 15 years if you leave the camera at other than the OFF position and don't shoot, so I wouldn't worry about it, so long as the shutter button doesn't get knocked in a case and keep waking the meter. It was in production from 1984 to 1998 and remains a popular choice for those wanting a classic mechanical German rangefinder, with modern metering. 11 messages • Page 1 sur 1. engelfangen: 01 avr 2013 11:32; Thi, Leicaflex SL which has been repainted by @camerako, (SOLD) This is my only modern Leica lens, a 50mm f, This is a Skyllaney Converted Wollensak 35mm f/2 R. Zeiss Ikon ZM Review – The Ultimate AE M-mount Rangefinder…? It is simultaneously well protected to prevent it from accidental motion.". Leica Camera Online Store UK To be able to use Leica Camera UK in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Just in case I was mistaken, I had to check this and it is not supported by my M6 manual, where throughout the paragraphs on metering it is referred to as “selective metering”, incidentally, a term first adopted by Leica for their SL slr, although SL strictly stand for “selective light” (metering). I ended up paying 650$. 2 530,73 EUR. I also have an M6 and love to use it. Find out how here. It's styled like a traditional Leica M rangefinder and brings a host of updates to the hugely popular original Leica Q (Typ 116) that was launched in 2015. It takes a bit if getting used to, but one learns a lot about metering for various subjects, and once learned and mastered, it was nice to know that I was in control, so when I got a tricky lighting situation right, it was down to me and not some CPU! I’m really happy with the results from that setup and it’s nice sometimes to not be carrying around a rig that costs 3K, especially when traveling or in sketchy neighborhoods in NYC. The M6 (1984-1998) has only two simple > < LED arrows in its finder for the meter. Yes, before you ask, the M6 classic finishes are limited to black chrome, silver chrome, and titanium. Full stop. Expect to pay about $1,400 - $1,600 for a nice M6 TTL from dealers like Adorama. For instance, the MP has no rewind crank, just a knob, and no TTL flash metering. Leica also warns not to leave the lens uncapped pointed at the sun, since you'll easily burn the black rubber shutter curtains with an f/1.4 lens wide-open. “the bottom plate separates” so you find changing films difficult on cameras other than the model(s) you prefer? The newer M6 TTL (1998-2002) adds TTL off-the-film flash exposure control, a bigger, easier to use shutter speed dial, and has a total of four LEDs in its finder: three for the meter (> o <) and one for the flash bolt. Leica says there's no need to worry about dirt, corrosion or care of the three gold ISO contacts visible when you flip up the film door. Leica M6 Classic Film Camera Old lens set. We buy used cameras to make and appoinment email us or call us during our business hours. It is a matter of weighing these and determining if it is the right camera for you. My biggest soft spot is for contax SLRs but for some reason the m6 just works perfectly for me. Chrome was also offered, but black remained the more popular finish. Please try again later. I handed back the M2 and 35 after about a year, with quite a few wonderful images to show for that period, and let my client know that if she was willing to sell (she kept fobbing me off on that), I wanted right-of-first-refusal; this is simply how it is with many a Leica owner. I could never find a body that I really enjoyed for the system and I couldn’t stand loading the Contax T. It all came down to which camera I reached for everyday and that was the Leica M6. Leica only made the M6 or the M6 TTL at any one time. I do not assume custom duties. This dishonor weighs more heavily on the M6 and M6 TTL than other models because the M6 and M6 TTL were made for more years in Leica's dark period than any other models. In Leica's defense, I don't believe this is a result of poor engineering decisions but the result of handling/cleaning possibly by a previous owner as another post mentioned. The M6 combines the silhouette of the Leica M3 and Leica M4 with a modern, off-the-shutter light meter with no moving parts and LED arrows in the viewfinder. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-banner-1','ezslot_17',185,'0','0'])); A huge benefit of a rangefinder camera is the omission of mirrors which ultimately leads to a larger range of use in low light. Quite a few of the Special Edition M6 models which were released after the M6/T were also had adopted this new body covering. Thus the darn things scream at you like locomotive headlights as you're trying to shoot. There were a few M6 made with 0.85x finders in 1998. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem. I bought my first leica M camera after using a Nikon fm2 and f2as for years. I have a penchant for the older classic camera body style – black and chrome – and which my M6 is. Price aside, it is hard to put a price on capturing family and life moments and the M6 is a camera that lets me do so exactly as I intend to. Leica M6 Titanium plated MINT boxed 10412 FULL SERVICED. It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. I'm not a good enough photographer to shoot things that move, like action, news and sports, with a manual camera like this, but plenty of people are. I particularly enjoyed the image of the piano player, the image of the alley with the parked vehicle, the image of the person walking past the transit vestibule, and the image of the cityscape at dusk/dawn. I say a form, as the metering angle is too wide to be strictly a spot, and of course the subject metering area is dependant upon and changes with focal length. I love mine though. Compatible with SCA 3000 flashes used with an SCA 3501 adapter. This is a new old stock item. “recomposing of an image with lenses wide open leads to unsharp images” Rangefinder cameras work via a superimposed image in which the focus ring is coupled to the RF system. I think that what helps is that you are a good photographer. This is completely subjective and the M6 may very well not be that camera for others and this is the beauty of having such a vast array of cameras across varying formats and mediums. I bought the standard 0.72x VF magnification and I definitely can’t see the full frame when composing with a 28mm lens (a 0.58x would have better suited my style). page as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may With a rangefinder, you see the scene and compose within the frame; with an SLR, you see a black square or rectangle, and you put the elements into that frame. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_12',181,'0','0'])); The viewfinder has bright frame lines, or at least mine does, as the RF patch is bright and contrasty making focusing a pleasure. SET “LEICA EIN STUCK" M6 0.72 ET SUMMILUX-M 35MM ASPH F/1.4 934/996. Collapsible lenses and lenses with finder optics for the M3 also work fine. Both pieces in their original packings, each with guarantee cards - for the camera without stickers with serial numbers, for the lens with matching numbers. LEICA M6 TTL 0.85 (21.5 oz/608g wet, about $1,000 - $1,800) with LEICA SUMMILUX 50mm f/1.4. It has a slow maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 seconds, it doesn’t have aperture priority, spot-metering, a self-timer, or a double exposure lever. The older models cost about the same. $60.00 shipping. This Used Product is available from Leica Store LA. Rubberized cloth, horizontal focal plane. LEICA M6 and M6 TTL This was the ultimate reason that I parted ways with the system. We will very soon be offering this upgrade. The M6 TTL I tested can measure to one second at ISOs as high as ISO 400. oder Preisvorschlag. 150 Jahre Photographie Edition (pimply leather on platinum with 50/1.4), 250 sets. Leica M6 Titanium „titanisiert“ – 10412 //Sg. LEICA M6 Embarrassing Versions         top. [ Mint ] Leica M6 Titan Titane Télémètre Corps (ny1203) D'occasion. I don’t think I ever could. The LEICA M6 and M6 TTL are made to be used — a lot. This feature is not available right now. and the APO-Summicron-M 90 f/2 ASPH. Known by some as the Leica M6 Titan or Leica M6/T, it was announced at 1992’s Photokina and featured a brass top and bottom plate, both of which were coated with titanium (along with some other components). Leica photographers don't use on-camera flash. I did enjoy the review quite a bit. The meter reads no longer than 1 second. That seemingly does quite an injustice to such reviews in my mind. The Nikon F3/T is a special version of the Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint camera, uses titanium for its right and left top covers, base plate, camera back, and the pentaprism cover of the viewfinder. I agree with pretty much all you said their it’s a very instinctive camera,there might be another review when the loan period for my M6 expires and I can think back on it in hindsight. A disclaimer though, I have small hands so this could not be the case for most.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'35mmc_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',180,'0','0'])); When it comes to bringing a roll in, the angled rewind knob is nice and quick and my thumbs thank it for this. So for first time M buyers, I would definitely recommend thinking about what focal length you shoot most and use that to help determine was magnification is best for you. I've gotten the same outstanding results from an 0.85x M7, too. I look forward to the many more photos and moments that I’ll capture with this elegant, simple camera. (Haven’t broken yet, and for a a damned good reason: Konica was good at figuring out the vulnerable bits by that point in time, and made them as bulletproof as tech would allow in the late 1990s.) Joe, it comes down to just two things: Lieferung an Abholstation. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. The Titanium finishing was not exactly using raw titanium metal, which include the top plate/rear section as well as the They feel completely different: you can flick the buttery-smooth Leica shutter dial with utter confidence with just a fingertip, while the Nikons require a very strong push, or two fingers. Like you I am a glasses wearer so 35mm does not really work with the 0.85 finder. Millennium Edition (green on green, 0.85x), 300 bodies. The M6 disturbed me, and the M7 made me frozen. When shooting candid photos or street photography this is a huge plus for me. Two very common A76 or S76 (11.6 x 5.4mm) button cells, also known as D357, 10L14, EPX76, KS76,SR44, 357, and V76PX. Anton Bruckner Edition (blue iguana on platinum with collapsible 50/2.8), 200 sets. Thanks! The shutter speed dial is correct on the M6 TTL as shown. I also have both an M6 and a Contax/Yashica camera (an RTS) with Zeiss lenses, but bought the M6 first. Dragon 2000 Edition (black on black, 0.85x), 500 bodies. These lenses focus and work fine, but you'll need a hand-held light meter. You can find Hamish’s review of the Leica M6 and M6 TTL here. I'd get it from these links to them at eBay (how to win at eBay), at Amazon or at Adorama. Home   Donate   New   Search   Gallery   How-To   Books   Links   Workshops   About   Contact. Someone can be less than 1 meter away and not hear the shutter. All rights reserved. I do agree that the metering system definitely isn’t the typical center weight metering, but it is much larger than a typical spot meter covering 13% while a normal spot meter, as in the contax S2, only covers around 5%. For either, you usually had your choice of black or silver chrome. ): 999 pieces: 333 in 0.58, and 666 to the Devil in 0.85x. Unlike normal chrome camera bodies, the F3/Ts finish is the original titanium metal colour (Applied only to the Champaign finish model). I realized that for me, I was shooting in a RF style with an SLR. Thousands of cameras to be reviewed so lets review them please. With M3 we return on basics, and the build is so fantastic, with a quieter shooter ! These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. Its a bit of a rare bird but if you like the 105 2.5 try the 105 1.8 ais. They don't simply flick on and off as do lesser cameras. (608.4g), measured with film and batteries. As my 4 lenses are f/2.8 with the emphasis on compactness, I got a great deal on a S/H Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 Nokton – a fantastic lenses which works very well on the 0.85. In some pictures I see that the left side is fading and is darker than the right side. Shop with confidence. 1. $2,850.00. Leica M 14404 Lens Carrier ,support d'objectif. Anyways excellent review! For serious photographers, either are spectacular cameras. I just bought my first ZM lens, a 28mm f2.8 biogon, and while it is a great lens, I still don’t like it as much as my 28 distagon. It's referred to as the "classic" to differentiate it from the M6 TTL model and because it retains the dimensions of the earlier M3 model. Please try again later. The framelines in the viewfinder do not in anyway correlate to the size of the image on the film stock. However, most M users buy used and gravitate towards the older models which are still affordable and with lenses dating back to the 1930’s, the options are vast. Practically like … Livraison gratuite. Move the controls slowly, and you'll appreciate how precise you can set the meter because of this. The Titanium M6 and its matching Titanium lenses are rather low production, and sure to be future collectibles. Sorry; try getting a hand-held exposure meter and use its calculator dial to help you here. The trajectory from the X100, through Canonets was inevitably […]. The M6 was the last of the mechanical Leica Ms and only required power for the built in meter. There is TTL ambient light metering, but no TTL flash control, no flash-ready bolt in the finder, and no central "OK" LED. I try to make an effort to meter for the shadows in most cases as film I shoot responds much better to overexposure than under.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-box-4','ezslot_14',182,'0','0'])); It is a very simple metering system to get used to, as mentioned above, but keeping a keen observation of the aperture and shutter speed while metering through the viewfinder is key. It's styled like a traditional Leica M rangefinder and brings a host of updates to the hugely popular original Leica Q (Typ 116) that was launched in 2015. The M6 TTL has four contacts in the middle of its hot shoe for TTL flash, while the M6 has only one center contact. The battery cover is a solid-metal screw-in cover. The flash fires at all lower speeds, including Bulb. Effective Rangefinder Base Length         top. C’est le cas du Leica M6, lors de la réalisation de ce test, nous avons vraiment trouvé dans ce Leica, la simplicité ainsi que la discrétion. En effet, elle s’emploi facilement, même dans les circonstances les plus imprévus, dans des cas exceptionnels. Aus Österreich. The camera's shoe is for attaching 21mm finders. But, I sold them for M3. The most obvious being price. Even though I’d made my choice for anew system (a pair of Konica Hexar RFs and three M-Hexanon lenses–28, 50, and 90–I asked if I could try out what she had. By the way, I’m amazed that you managed to get rid of your Nikon and Contax gear. have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. Adorama pays top dollar for your used gear. Especially when you can buy a working mr meter for 150$ and they are super fun to use. The legendary status of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of the world's best lenses and iconic cameras. Home  Donate  New  Search  Gallery  Reviews  How-To  Books  Links  Workshops  About  Contact, Sample Images from California's Gold Country, Adorama pays top dollar for your used gear. Apr 12, 2014 - View Large On Black Another shot of this beautiful camera. I blo, This Rollei 35s is a bit of a gem from @filmfurbis, I’ve had this Tamron 17mm SP lens for years. Take that, power-wound Contax G2, which wastes the first two frames and only gives me 37 shots on a roll. Consider a LEICA M6 or M6 TTL. I felt I needed a meter in my camera (something I would feel differently about today) so I found an M6 for a good price and pulled the trigger. In other words, all the lenses I tried worked OK, while these same samples of 90mm and 135mm lenses give all sorts of weirder (worse) results on the M3, M4-P, M7 and M9 I've tried them. Therefore the only real difference between the M6 and the M6 TTL is the more practical shutter dial of the M6 TTL. Featuring an impressive 8,000 square feet of space dedicated to everything Leica, our Los Angeles location holds the distinct honor of being Leica… Danish Royal Wedding Edition (pimply black on silver with 35/2), 200 sets. Free shipping. Full-stop clicks, also a click for the 1/50 flash sync speed. 50/2 SUMMICRON collapsible screw-mount (1957), serie 1,481: OK, 135/4 TELE-ELMAR (1971, 39mm filters) serie 2,481: OK, 35/2 SUMMICRON (1965), serie 2,099 Germany für M3: OK, 90/2.8 TELE-ELMARIT-M (1987), serie 3,452, Germany: OK, 90/2.8 ELMARIT-M (2003), serie 3,944: OK, 90/2 SUMMICRON (1960), serie 1,740, chrome: maybe a little close. This lets you read to the equivalent of 8 seconds at ISO 50 at full aperture, and much longer when stopped down later. The Leica M6 is often described as being “invisible”. This prevents attaching the attachment to the M6 TTL because the top plate of the M6 TTL is a few millimeters taller than the M6. OC Camera is located Crown Valley Retail Center, 27680 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (949) 347-1276. bonjour, je mets en vente cet accessoire bien utile pour la prise en main d'un télémétrique (utilisé sur un leica m6) en très bon état. If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. Leica has never done better, if they would like to do, they will have to sale it for nearly more than 10.000 $ on Leica pricing policy ! because the LEICA is all about concentrating on your subject, not fiddling with a camera. The M6 and M6 TTL are in a completely different world from the Nikon SLRs. The M6 TTL needs batteries to trigger the flash. So, my M kit is complete, pretty lightweight and covers 90% of what I shoot on film. Titanium Leica notes Introduction. 3570910. D'occasion. If you set the M6 or M6 TTL to an ISO 64 times higher than your film, the shutter dial reads the exposure you should use in minutes. In leica terms it is a cheep lens too. If you just want to look at them, Leica suggests firing the shutter at all the speeds and moving all the camera and lens controls every three months. 135/4 TELE-ELMAR-M (1992), serie 3,596, 46mm filters: OK. 90/4 MACRO-ELMAR-M pushes a little at close distances. You can find new, open-box, and used versions of the Leica M6 at affordable prices on eBay. 2. I wear my glasses probably 80% of the time and love the 28mm focal length. Why, because it is made like a Swiss watch !!! If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. Unfortunately, I had to sell my Contax Yashica setup to fund it. It’s a much larger city than Minneapolis! 11.9k members in the Leica community. expand. Leica M6 Titanium 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera #28891 D1. Leica M6 Titanium, EMU leather, used in good condition, good working, with genuine strap, genuine box. If it does happen, I would not feel guilty at all having to replace the shutter cloth because I enjoy shooting into the sun and won’t change my style for a camera. I then picked up a Leica M2 w/a 50mm lens. Since I didn’t get along with a 28 and 50 pair on my Leica M6, I was hoping that the S2 could cover that range at an affordable price seeing as I already owned […]. If you don't like the adverts you can subscibe here and they will disapear. We are 1 out of 4 dealers that sells FOGG bags. If you find this Yes, you read correctly - the titanium is merely plated on as a thin outside layer, it is not solid titanium alloy.. You may have read that this Ti coating helps make the Titanium … The M6 and M6 TTL's finder is s not anti-reflection coated as is the finder of the M7 and M9, but so what, the finder of the M3 isn't coated, and the M3's finder is the best finder Leica has ever made. I do agree that there are many limitations to the rangefinder system which I believe I did mention in the review. LEICA M6 TTL BOITIER BLACK VISEUR 0.85 NEUF NEVER . The Leica Q2 is an impressively capable fixed-lens, full-frame camera with a 47MP sensor and a sharp, stabilized 28mm F1.7 Summilux lens. At that time Leica gear was not as expensive as it is now. Bought this last year November 2018 from peninsula mall UP. We are open Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm. best M camera. M3 is one of best camera, and the best M Leica. I was and absolutely loved it there! It’s, Not everything on the 35mmc shop is expensive. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-leader-2','ezslot_20',188,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_19',189,'0','0'])); To wrap it up, the M6 is a wonderful camera that both has many advantages and disadvantages. Modell: Leica M6. “the flash sync speed is very slow”, true, but you know that many great, and lesser, photographers managed quite well. Getting rid of my Contax gear was so hard to do. Rumor has it that the next version of the MP will eliminate the TTL meter and replace the flashy film advance lever with a traditional knurled knob, but let's get back to the superior LEICA M6 and M6 TTL. Unlike newer cameras like the M7, with their disjointed, multi-push shutter buttons, the trigger pull of the M6 and M6 TTL is smooth and perfect. Learn how your comment data is processed. C’est le cas du Leica M6, lors de la réalisation de ce test, nous avons vraiment trouvé dans ce Leica, la simplicité ainsi que la discrétion. Spare us. The gotcha to intermediate speeds is that the meter only meters at full-stops and 1/50, so if you set it to an intermediate speed, the meter won't know. On the other hand, the meter displays don't dim in dim light, so the displays are brighter than I'd like in the dark. The only electronics in the M6 are for the meter, and they don't fail. It will only meter to 1/2s at ISO 800 and so on. Rooster Edition (black on silver with 50/2), 300 sets. Given that information, the titanium finish is vulnerable to dings and scratches Le Leica M6 a été conçu pour faire des … Please see real pictures and appreciated , what you see in the photos that receive. Joe, don’t fret. Używany. The Leica M6 is a rangefinder camera manufactured by Leica from 1984 to 2002.. In fact, I can hardly see the 35mm frame lines. This incredible ability of the M6, and of many other M’s I assume, is what makes them so special. That's fair, because the M6 TTL also has a 10-second auto turn-off for the meter. Consisting of Leica M6 in titanium finish version, with Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 in titanium finish No. Consisting of Leica M6 in titanium finish version, with Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 in titanium finish No. It's referred to as the "classic" to differentiate it from the M6 TTL model and because it retains the dimensions of the earlier M3 model. The newer M6 TTL (1998-2002) added TTL flash and a bigger, better shutter dial, and that's about it. If you're a star-trail shooter who needs no meter, the M6 and M6 TTL are fantastic. Find out more about 35mmc here. The plastic tipped film advance does more than I initially thought it would and is very practical in use allowing for an easy catch and stroke. I was lucky to find a mint copy with the 0.58x viewfinder and that does make framing so much easier for me as a spectacle wearer. Rangefinder cameras have a heck of a time staying in alignment, and having good alignment with different samples of longer lenses. That means it takes about a second for the meter to settle, and that if you try spinning knobs too fast, you'll wind up doing too much work as the arrows finally catch up a second later. The finder is as you'd expect. Nice review! - 10404-black, 10414-silver, 10412-titan, 10413-black, 10440-MJ6-chrom, 10442-Millennium, 10450-Platinum '150 Jahre', 10479-LHSA, 10496-Ein Stück, 10553-Hermès Production era - 1984-2003; Variants - 1051 platinum, 1300 gold, 2000 black lacquer, 50,876 silver, 82,831 black anodized aluminum, ca. Kostenloser Versand. This site should have you contribute more content. Like most thumb-wind 35mm cameras, I get 39 perfect frames on each roll of 36 exposures. Those dials were small, never having been intended for direct control, since the clip-on meters provided a full-size knob which was coupled to the vestigial tit of the camera's own shutter dial. LEICA M6 TTL BLACK 0.85 NEUF NEVER USED. I am getting sick of Leica reviews. The cons are: The rangefinder window whites out sometimes, the frame lines are inaccurate, the flash sync speed is very slow, the shutter is not as quiet as advertised, you can´t focus close, short lenses like the 21mm will need a accessory viewfinder which is a pain to use, rangefinder accuracy depends very much on the lens – the longer the worse, the rangefinder window in the viewfinder easily misalgines, recomposing of an image with lenses wide open leads to unsharp images, changing film is rather strange – the bottom plate separates, a 1/1000 of a second is fast but sometimes not fast enough, the actual size of an image on the film depends on the focal length of the lens used, the viewfinder will be partially blocked by some lenses, parallax is sometimes an issue, and everything Lica is pricey – to say the least. The M3 is far better. For me, the M6 is an irreplaceable camera and I completely understand the hype but is it the camera for you? Używany. If you do, the TTL mode of the M6 TTL seems to work fine. The M6 has a tiny shutter dial that is hard to turn while you're looking through the camera, and it turns in the wrong direction with respect to the meter arrows. Joe, I’d never seen any reference to Leica categorising it as a centre-weighted meter.
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