In Nevermore, Raven, while under the control of A.L.I.E., uses Lexa's death to taunt Clarke. In Spacewalker, Clarke arrives at Camp Jaha after speaking with Lexa, who had ordered Finn's death for the massacre of Tondc before their truce with the Sky People can begin. Lexa's Coalition became involved in a series of conflicts with the Sky People, after the latter group landed in the Coalition's territory. Clarke tells Lexa that she already has. However, Tristan is killed by Marcus Kane before he can succeed. Lexa tells Clarke she must accept her fate, to which Clarke refuses to do before leaving the room. Clarke states that she wants all of the Mountain Men dead. Did anyone else think it really was Lexa that greeted Clarke at the test, not just the being that took on her form? But this Lexa is a dark pseudo-villain that’s willing to hang the literal end of humanity around Clarke’s neck, as just one more burden for her to carry. Raven and Wick will take out the power coming from the dam, causing a one-minute delay before the backup generator kicks in. Lexa says it's "Pauna" and slices Quint's leg while telling Clarke to run. Raven helps them by coding a doorway, however, Lexa tells Clarke to go on ahead, and that she will always be with her. Because Lexa's consciousness is saved in the Flame, Clarke is able to summon Lexa to aid her in the City of Light in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)". Clarke and Lexa were reunited in Season 7 of The 100 and that’s the reason. Abby tells everyone that no decision has been made yet and they should all report to their station supervisors.Later at Camp Jaha, everyone is preparing to evacuate when Clarke arrives and tells Abby that she knows how to stop the Grounder threat. In The Blood of Sanctum, Sheidheda, possessing Madi, taunts Clarke, telling her that Lexa had said she was strong, but accuses Clarke of being as weak as Lexa due to her love. However, the writers did something interesting with Lexa’s storyline. It’s not closure, not really at all, and certainly not in any way that counts. Months after her betrayal, Lexa found herself struggling to maintain control over the Coalition; her rule being challenged first by Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, and then by Pike's faction of the Sky People. The Grounders then raise the alert that a flare has been spotted and they prepare for battle. We have two days.". "The 100" spoilers: Another character ends up dead in Season 3, Episode 7, titled "Thirteen," which also reveals Becca's role in the apocalypse And as such, her reappearance here is a beautiful nod to the important role she did – and still does – play in Clarke’s life. In The Tinder Box, Roan accuses Clarke of only looking out for her own people. In doing so, she stopped her training with Anya in order to take on the responsibilities required by her position. In Reapercussions, Kane sets off on a diplomatic mission to make contact with the Commander and negotiate for peace. Titus is against this and warns Lexa that Clarke may end up with the same fate as Costia. Clarke tells Luna that Lexa's spirit has chosen her to become the next Commander, and presents her with the Flame. When Clarke took the final test to determine the fate of the human race, the Judge took on the form of Lexa because she was Clarke's greatest love[1]. Clarke tries to reason why Emerson should be killed but Lexa gives her until sunset to think it over. The 100 Season 3. Miller replies that the Mountain has taken enough from both of them and steadily inserts the bomb. Titus is Lexa's Flamekeeper and teacher. Raven realizes that the AI was in Lexa so Lexa must've known it, possibly a phrase that was important to her. Warning: This post contained major spoilers for The 100 Season 7. 7 Shows Like The 100 to Watch While You Wait for Season 7 to Hit Netflix Altered Carbon is basically The 100 Season 6 on steroids Best New Shows … The 100 Season 4. Season 3B happens the same and Becca helps Clarke in the CoL not Lexa in the Season 3 finale. In Thirteen, Lexa and the Nightbloods are celebrating Ascension Day in her throne room when Semet barges in. Abby picks up the shock baton and holds it in front of her before using it as a defibrillator on Lincoln, shocking him twice before he starts breathing again, much to the Grounders' surprise and the Sky Peoples' relief. Clarke drops the knife and Lexa tells her that she's free to go, deciding to no longer ask anything of her. When Clarke took the Flame to destroy A.L.I.E. Lexa tells Clarke that they can't tell anyone about the missile because then Mount Weather will know they were warned ahead of time. Clarke explains how there are four teams: one at the dam (Raven and Wick), one in the mines (Indra and Octavia), one inside the mountain (Bellamy and the caged Grounders), and Clarke's team who will take the front door. In The Warriors Will, Clarke decides not to remove the Flame from Madi because she cannot bring herself to destroy it, presumably because it contains Lexa's consciousness. In "Remember Me", Lexa tells Clarke that Costia was captured because Queen Nia believed that she knew Lexa's secrets. Lexa and Clarke then leave. Lexa orders to have Jaha taken away and for Kane remain locked in his cell. Titus (unintentional)Raven Reyes and Gabriel Santiago (consciousness) She claims it is not hers and that Gustus put it there when he searched her. Lincoln returns with Clarke and Lexa and reunites with Octavia. She was mentored by Flamekeeper Titus, and later served as Anya's Second, who was also her mentor.At age 12, the previous Commander died and Lexa was called to attend the conclave. The 100 spoilers follow.. "Congratulations to the extraordinary cast and crew and a HUGE thank you to the most amazing fans. Later, Lexa summons Clarke to her tent to tell her that Octavia has nothing to fear from Lexa because Lexa trusts Clarke. She has demonstrated a willingness to seek peaceful solutions and work with her enemies, such as letting the Ice Nation into her Coalition or showing mercy to the Sky People in the hopes of forming an alliance. She believes they are warning her about an assassin that will try to kill her and then start a war. First Appearance Later, when Clarke is back with Lexa in her tent outside Camp Jaha, Lexa tells Clarke that she's willing to have a truce as soon as Finn dies. Commander of the 12 ClansCommander's novitiate (former)Anya's second (former) Blood loss due to gunshot wound (body)Destruction of the Flame (consciousness) Découvrez les opportunités qu’offre le scénario de la Saison 7 de The 100 pour un retour de Lexa, Lincoln et d’autres ! Their relationship becomes strained after "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)", when Lexa betrays the Sky People by retreating from Mount Weather in order to save her own people. The 100 Season 5-7 rewrite: Lexa lives BNC. and death threats. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People won't get blamed. In "Damocles (Part 1)", Lexa tells Clarke, through Madi, that abandoning Clarke at Mount Weather is her biggest regret in an attempt to keep Clarke from making the same mistake. Abby is not there because she stayed behind to help the wounded from the bombing in Tondc. The season’s slow burn of sexual tension between Clarke and Lexa pays off in this terrific moment — the kiss, their sadness, and the finality of it all lends itself to some great chemistry. Lexa commands respect as the powerful leader of the Grounders. Titus confirms this to be the case and after helping Clarke escape with the Flame, he slits his own throat saying that this is "for Lexa.". Clarke tells Lexa she loves her and goes to find the switch. Lexa tells her warriors that it is done and keeps them from attacking. Abby tells Kane that the Grounders are being led by a child and he tells her, "so are we.". Fog of War [8] She pulls a piece of the throne out from the rubble but this causes the entire structure to collapse, nearly killing her. They start looking for Whitman on higher ground but he spots them first and fires at them. Lexa tells Clarke that waiting for Bellamy to get into Mount Weather is a prayer, not a plan. Lexa then takes out Jaha and holds the knife against his throat before revealing that she is, in fact, the Commander. The Pauna finds them and begins beating against the door. Clarke has found out from Maya that the main door has a flaw if the power goes out. Aden is one of the Nightblood novitiates training to potentially succeed Lexa as the Commander one day. Though, perhaps this really is the ending we deserve in this hell year. In The Dying of the Light, when Levitt digs through the memories of the Commanders still inside of Madi, a flashback of Lexa from her time in the City of Light can be seen for a moment. The series finale of The 100 had many shocking twists, but none so massive as the long-awaited return of a fan-favorite character. Sgt. Clarke returns the kiss before breaking away, telling Lexa that she is not ready to be with anyone. Ultimately, it is Gustus' loyalty to Lexa that gets him killed. Lexa frees Clarke from her binds and apologizes, saying that she didn't want it to be like this but had to find her before the Ice Nation could. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. The Pauna is still trapped and they are safe as long as the cage holds. SPOILERS S7 spoiler. [2] She was born a Nightblood and was, as is tradition, brought to Polis as a child to be groomed as a potential successor to the Commander. But, really, more power to those who found some degree of happiness in Lexa’s pseudo-return. The Dark Commander angrily claims that he also united the clans and that both he and Lexa were killed by their Flamekeepers because they were afraid of their ideas. 7 Shows Like The 100 to Watch While You Wait for Season 7 to Hit Netflix Altered Carbon is basically The 100 Season 6 on steroids Best New Shows … Madi later recognizes the man sent by Octavia to kill her as Jorum, a Sangedakru warrior who had been loyal to Lexa, apparently channeling Lexa's memories of the man. Clarke draws his fire while Lincoln sneaks up on him and attacks Whitman. Lexa is Gustus' leader and Gustus is presumably her personal bodyguard and/or a high-ranking warrior from her clan. Clarke presses against the spear, drawing blood. Alycia Debnam-Carey Purely hypothetical Choice concerning Lexa in season 7. Later Lexa is arguing with Titus about the fate of the last Mountain Man. and remained within the Flame, later advising Madi Griffin, the new Commander and Clarke's adopted daughter, based off of her own experiences with Clarke. Among the Grounders, her readiness to make tough choices has earned her a reputation for ruthlessness. The 100 Season 5. And in that way, perhaps Lexa kom Triku really does live again, after all. Titus is also grief-stricken by Lexa's death and tells Clarke that he has served four Commanders as a Flamekeeper and none were half as wise or strong as Lexa. At the same time, Madi creates several drawings including one of Lexa's memories from "Ye Who Enter Here", things that she should have no memory of. Lexa is later seen sparring with one of the Nightblood children, a boy named Aden. Alycia Debnam-Carrey as Lexa in 'The 100' (The CW) Now, this would be an odd thing to achieve on any other show. Lexa tells them to sound the horn and announces they are going to war. In Many Happy Returns, Anya holds Clarke as her prisoner, intending to bring her to the Commander so that Clarke can explain what the Mountain Men are doing to their people in Mount Weather. They hear a noise ahead of them and run into Lincoln who is also going after the sniper. The Ice Nation, led by Queen Nia, kidnapped, tortured and beheaded Costia to learn Lexa's secrets. The 100's seventh and final season came to a close Wednesday night, and the series went out with a bang. Clarke realizes that Mount Weather is jamming the trigger signal and says she has to get closer. Clarke and Lexa go someplace private and Clarke tells Lexa about the missile headed for Tondc. Abby finally gives up and says that Lincoln is gone. Later, Clarke and Lexa leave for Mount Weather with Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, and the rest of their army. Emerson then heads back inside Mount Weather as Echo and the last of the Grounders are released. During the fight, he collapses onto his chair with worry when she looks to be losing, and is visibly relieved when she ends up beating Roan. Lexa is annoyed with the fact that Clarke is hurt, stating that she wanted Clarke brought to her unharmed. He goes with them as they search for the sniper. In Echoes, Abby notices Clarke's despondent expression as she gazes at the Flame. It is loosely based on a 2013 book of the same name, the first in a book series by Kass Morgan. Titus insists that Lexa should kill her and seize her power. Lexa tells Clarke that they must move, and as they do, Clarke falls to the ground in pain. As Nightbloods, Lexa and Luna grew up together in Polis, training with their class of novitiates as potential successors to the Commander. She also has long, wavy brown hair that she usually keeps in braids. She goes on to say that every time she goes to sleep, she sees Lexa's betrayal of Clarke outside of Mount Weather. As the Commander, Lexa had formed the Coalition, uniting the twelve Grounder Clans in a war against the Mountain Men. In Eden, Clarke is going through the remains of the Polis tower and comes across Lexa's throne buried under a pile of rubble. The rules of transcendence are kind of a mess. Lexa). And what better time than now to revisit all of our favorite moments with a binge-watch of 'The 100'. Kane then cuts his own forearm and Jaha begs Lexa to help him. Despite Clarke's desperate attempts to save her, Lexa died from her wound. Abby tells everyone at Camp Jaha that yes, the Grounders have threatened them but they haven't made any decisions yet. Last season in The 100, Lexa died. Comments. As Clarke prepares to leave, she is cornered in her room by Titus. They come to the conclusion that the poisoner had to be someone who was trying to break the alliance. Clarke worries over whether or not Bellamy will be successful and Lexa tells her that's what it means to be a leader. Clarke excuses herself for some fresh air and Major Byrne follows after. She is rarely seen without the Commander's emblem on her forehead. Well, it isn't scientifically possible, however, if Clarke had frozen her body after her death and brought her along the journey to a new planet. Lexa's death sparked outrage due to her being one of the most recent of a string of copious LGBT+ character deaths on TV shows. Clarke is wandering around outside when she spots Quint tracking her. Clarke has been such a cipher and general nonentity this season that this reunion really only even works at all because the Clexa relationship has literal years’ worth of nostalgia and history to draw on. In "Watch the Thrones", he tries to dissuade her from fighting Roan on her own. A group of Grounders create a shield to take Sgt. Clarke brings Ryder back to Lexa and tells her that Octavia is not a problem. Clarke tells Lexa that Octavia won't say anything and Lexa says she can't be sure of that. In the second round, Aden is still successful in blocking her attacks and even counters with a backhand to the face when Lexa pins his sword down. Clarke then admits that they've lost contact with Bellamy after he blew up the Acid Fog machine. The Pauna (a giant mutant gorilla) attacks Quint while Clarke, Lexa, and her guard look for a place to hide. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder. Later, in an attempt to convince him to go to war, Echo tells Roan that the Azgeda war chiefs do not respect him because he lost to Lexa in their duel. The 100 Season 6. In Damocles (Part 1), Madi tells Clarke that all the Commanders in the Flame think that love is weakness, except Lexa. Despite her emotional detachment, Lexa does have a soft spot for a select few such as the Nightblood children she trains. That’s not giving the fans closure in any real way – that’s relying on them to do the work for you, and to draw connections and make meaning where none has been provided. In Red Sun Rising, Murphy brings up the night Lexa died while airing his grievances with Clarke. In Join or Die, Clarke informs Luna of Lexa's death. Sgt. She was mentored by Flamekeeper Titus and later served as Anya's Second[3]. She says that she believes that their wish for peace is sincere, but that Jaha will be used to send a message and they drag Jaha away because "the massacre must be answered. They bid each other goodnight before going their separate ways. If Clarke doesn't do the same, then she puts the people she cares about in danger and the pain will never go away. Trigedasleng translations at the end of the chapter. Lexa demands Clarke prove it. Moments later, things start to change within the City of Light, Lexa says that A.L.I.E is uploading version 2.0 of her code to the City of Light and soon, she'll completely take over. He goes on to tell Clarke that she was born to lead and that Lexa knew this. Ryder tells Octavia to go relieve the southernmost guard position. She then turns to Clarke and says, "may we meet again," before leaving with her army. He makes the shot with only a second to spare and the lock is blown. So we all know Clexa fans are clinging to the hope that she escaped with Sheidheda so assuming that true would you either. They arrive at Tondc the next day and everyone has to disarm before entering. She has a strong sense of duty and is loyal to her people to a fault. Lexa and Clarke find each other in 5x01 at Shallow Valley. Lexa invites Clarke to their Capitol, Polis, telling her it will make her change the way she thinks about the Grounders. When his sabotage is discovered, Lexa sentences him to Death by a Thousand Cuts. Lincoln tells Clarke to let Whitman kill him and then shoot Whitman because her people need her. It is left unknown if Lexa and the other Commanders were uploaded as well or if their minds were deleted with the Flame.,,,,,,,,,,, The Pauna grabs hold of Lexa and Clarke refuses to leave Lexa behind, saving her life even as they trap themselves into a room. But 'The 100' is science-fiction and a particular story arc this season could help make it a reality. Back at Camp Jaha, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and the rest of the Sky People watch as the Grounders start setting up for Finn's execution. Lexa and Costia were lovers until Costia's death at the hands of the Ice Nation. Gaia believes that this means that Madi is experiencing the memories of one or all of the other Commanders, suggesting that their memories may have survived the destruction of the Flame as well. She begs Clarke to tell her it was Lexa and it wasn't Clarke who did it, telling her she crossed a line but her secret is safe. The 100 Season 7. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over having been poisoned. The alliance successfully took down Mount Weather's defenses, but before Lexa's army could attack, Cage Wallace offered Lexa a deal that ensured all of Lexa's people would be freed. Bellamy shouts a warning to them that the Grounders have arrived and they're surrounded. Lexa just tells him to do his job and protect her. The 100 season 7: Will Murphy betray Clarke in the final series? Luna tells Clarke in "Red Sky at Morning" that she fled before their fight so that she wouldn't have to kill Lexa. Clarke is infuriated and spits on Lexa. Season 1 "We Are Grounders, Part 1" (mentioned) She tells Clarke that Aden is her most promising novitiate and that he will likely succeed her should she die in her duel with Roan. She then crowns Roan King. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy then meet up at Raven's Gate where Raven gives Clarke a knife so Clarke can kill Lexa because Raven owes Finn her life. Clarke and Lexa follow the girl, only to end up in a dead end, as there is a fence in their path, a firewall. Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The 100, produced by The CW. Clarke and Lexa then wait for the power to go out. Biographical Information Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. At some point, Lexa began a relationship with a Grounder named Costia. Lexa's Flamekeeper, Titus, disapproves of their relationship and during an attempt to kill Clarke, shoots Lexa by accident instead. She was born a Nightblood and, as is tradition, was brought to Polis to be taught and trained as a potential successor for the Commander. Later, Clarke visits with Lincoln who is recovering from being a Reaper. Abby says there is nothing to be done. New characters often have temporary names in the writers room. As Lexa works to bring peace to their people, Clarke forgives her and they become allies again and later lovers. Clarke realizes the poison wasn't in the bottle; it was in the cup. She runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing it wasn't poisoned. However, Sinclair is able to figure it out. In The Last War, when Clarke takes the test to determine if humanity will transcend, the Judge takes on the form of Lexa because she was Clarke's greatest love. Lexa tells Titus that Aden is ready for the Conclave and admits that he is a better fighter than she was at his age. Lexa (between 2127 and 2131 – 2150) was a recurring character in the second and third seasons of The 100. Lexa tells her that Ontari will not be back until the Conclave after her death, to which Clarke pokes fun at Lexa for always talking about her death. The pair are shown to be alike in some ways, and they grow closer as they work to save their people from a common enemy. Clarke leads Lexa and her guard through the carnage outside the drop ship while Abby is trying to get Lincoln to breathe again. They then hear the Grounders chanting loudly, "Jus drein jus daun!" In Fog of War, Kane and Jaha are both trapped in a Grounder prison. Other characters also bring Lexa up in conversations with Clarke, sometimes to try to sway her opinion or to taunt her. Gender The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the The 100 series finale.. EarthPolis in the City of Light, her mind summoned Lexa's consciousness to aid her. TrikruNightbloodsCoalition (founder)Resistance Against A.L.I.E. The Sky People are searched and they find the poison on Raven. As Commander, Lexa united the 12 Grounder Clans and formed the Coalition, thus becoming the first Commander to rule over all 12 Clans[5][6]. SPOILERS S7 spoiler. At the dropship, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and Murphy are trying to save Finn from the Grounders' justice. Lexa arrives from the ridge, towing Emerson along just as through the open door, harvested Grounders start stumbling out. Clarke recalls that there were nine novitiates in Lexa's Conclave and asks what happened to "Number Eight". This shocked many fans, and it certainly was not expected. Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. Summary: First chapter is a prologue on how Lexa survives 3x07. Clarke tries again to persuade Lexa to have another warrior fight for her in the battle, but Lexa again refuses and is escorted to the battle area by Titus after telling Clarke that "this is goodbye, for now.".
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