Originally launched as a podcast in 2014, "Song Exploder" dissects classic and current fan-favorite songs, with guest artists breaking down each individual track and element in detail to paint an intimate audio portrait of their art. Check out 36 of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of 2020 including projects from Drake, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and many more. I think the creative process is something that's really fascinating in and of itself. For this album, the duo recruited a bunch of great emcees like Guilty Simpson, Rah Digga, El da Sensei, J-Live, Reks, and The Good People (among others) to take care of the vocals. "Where are the Public Enemys?" The Museum's popular Public Programs series has been recorded over the last decade from the Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles and has since surpassed the 1,000 program mark since the Museum opened 12 years ago. The Four Owls is a supergroup consisting of 4 of the UK’s finest Hip Hop artists, who can all boast strong solo careers: Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, BVA & Verb T. Nocturnal Instinct is not their first excellent album together (especially Natural Order (2015) is a must-listen), but this 2020 album may be their best yet. While the future of the music industry remains uncertain, one thing’s for sure: hip hop is here to stay. The singles “Classic Material Remix” “Tape Deck Flex”, and “Boombap Reflections” are standouts, but this whole album is fire – another must-listen for Hip Hop traditionalists at least. 101 songs. Live From The Balrog Chamber is a great album, with a nice boom-bap throwback vibe all over it, and with enough distinctiveness in the production to separate it from the bunch and to keep it in rotation. US; Artist 100; All Weekly Charts; YEAR-END . "Louder Than A Riot" co-host Sidney Madden, a reporter and editor for NPR Music, hopes the show will lead to real-life change. Some have been released as early as February this year. For us, trap music is like a separate genre, Hip Hop adjacent maybe, but different from Hip Hop like neo-soul and R&B are different from Hip Hop. Noname out of Chicago. In 1995, Havoc and Prodigy made huge creative leaps with "The Infamous." But there are no weak tracks here. So fans of Lil This-or-That should probably stay away from The BoomBaptism, but people who grew up on 90s Hip Hop and who have little love for trappers and mumblers will find a lot to like here. That's the secret sauce of it all. Do you need to engage with both formats to fully appreciate or understand what "Song Exploder" is trying to do? The list includes albums from Lil baby, The Weeknd, Juice WRLD, Pop Smoke and more. It's really just taking the core concept, which is an intimate portrait of an artist telling the story of how their artistic mind worked through creating one of their songs, and taking that concept and expressing it in these two different media. Content on this site does not reflect an endorsement or recommendation of any artist or music by the Recording Academy. Carmichael: If you're a hip-hop fan or especially if you come from the community that hip-hop originated in, we already understand that mass incarceration and the criminal justice system hit us harder than any other community in this country. But even if we don’t count trap, Hip Hop has never been as diverse as it is today, with artists taking Hip Hop into all kinds of new, exciting directions. Livestream Event Dope throwback beats and rhymes all the way through, and a lot of authentic DJ work too – with scratched in vocal samples mostly taken from classic Hip Hop cuts. Albums; The 50 Best Albums Of 2020 UPROXX. They seem like different cases, but none of these cases happen in a vacuum. There's a whole conspiracy theory about this. What Beetlez? Listen to tracks like “Razor Sharp Vernacular” (feat. Jorun Bombay’s 80s-centric beats and scratches are crisp and fresh, and Phill Most Chill’s raps are dope as f. His flow, his delivery, his cadences, his lyrics – what he did here is simply brilliant. "Black music is part of the fabric of our industry and it is so reassuring to stand with these leaders to create momentum, bring change and amplify Black voices. The collective will serve as a space for members to speak openly about new and emerging opportunities in Black music alongside an inspiring group of groundbreaking Black music creators and business leaders. Artists to be announced soon. Kathleen Edwards And then to ask them, "OK, how did you make it? There were so many things already happening in the music and the lyrics that legitimized this connection. Of all of the questions, the hardest one to answer is probably, "Why?" Best R&B Songs Of 2020 …(so far) Best Rap Songs Of 2020 …(so far) The Playlist. Top tracks: “Soul Escape”, “Boom Bap Invasion”, and ‘Building”. Maybe it changes the way you feel about both. King Leo Green is San Antonio emcee Mad1ne’s second album of the year, following Insane Hate Poems (which was released in February). Grand Schemes does nothing you haven’t heard before, but what it does it does well. Rodney Carmichael: Well, I think it's important first to recognize the fact that this is not the first time that this intersection has been explored. Part of my aim with the show is to democratize the act of creation a little bit. We're all in this together. Artists like Future, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert dropped commercially successful projects this year, so it’s obvious there are lots of folks out there who like that kind of music – and that’s fine: to each his own. The UK’s biggest debut album of 2020 so far is the current Official Albums Chart Number 1 - Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon by late US rapper Pop … Now, in terms of where I stand on it, I'd really rather leave that to the episode. Bars, beats, and turntablism – that’s what you get here. We take you through that timeline in the show, and then we break down real-world cases for you throughout history to give you a real proof of concept the whole way through. The most famous songs don't necessarily have the most interesting stories, and the people who know that better than anyone are the people who made the songs. A good thing, especially if they are as good as Catch-REC is. Jigganometry will not go and win any prizes for originality and innovation, but it definitely is a few pegs above the average retro-boom-bap that’s been flooding the market lately. The albums have all been released this year in 2020. DJ M-1 is a Dublin based DJ & producer who debuted with a great little project titled Choose Your Own Adventure (with Queens, New York MC Starvin B) in 2017. Co-hosts Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden break down how "Louder Than A Riot" explores the wide-spanning issue of mass incarceration through the lens of hip-hop music and culture, as told by the artists, journalists and executives who lived it, MusiCares Launches Help for the Holidays Campaign, Best Rap Album Nominees | 2020 GRAMMY Awards, find-out-whos-nominated-best-rap-album-2020-grammy-awards, GRAMMY Museum November 2020: Jimi Hendrix & More, grammy-museum-november-2020-schedule-jimi-hendrix-dave-mason-loudon-wainwright, Recording Academy Reveals BMC Leadership Council, recording-academy-reveals-leadership-council-newly-launched-black-music, How "Song Exploder" Unlocks The Intimacy Of Music, song-exploder-netflix-hrishikesh-hirway-interview, Louder Than A Riot: Hip-Hop & Mass Incarceration, npr-louder-riot-podcast-hip-hop-mass-incarceration-interview, newly launched Black Music Collective (BMC), Rhyme & Punishment: How NPR's "Louder Than A Riot" Podcast Traces The Interconnected Rise Of Hip-Hop And Mass Incarceration. What we get here is a selection of dope boom-bap beats, a lot of good old-fashioned turntablism, and nostalgia-inducing sampling – Cut Beetlez is one more example of the fact it is European producers who are carrying the torch for traditional-sounding Hip Hop right now. Part of the pitch for doing the television show is that I was trying to ask these artists to take a leap of faith, [like,] "This is something that's going to take a while to make, so you can't tie it to your promotional calendar, necessarily. Roccwell is a producer from Munich, Germany. "Our greatest impact would be to put something out that creates cultural conversations that can lead to cultural shifting, that can lead to societal shifting, that can be ... one of those things that's put into the world that wakes people up to things that they've had the luxury to be asleep on," she tells GRAMMY.com. "Song Exploder" was just a way of me being able to actually make that happen for myself. It's actually hip-hop.". 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