Helios Accident Report: All of the information, ... a Boeing 737-300 aircraft, registration number 5B-DBY, operated by Helios Airways, departed Larnaca, Cyprus at 09:07 h for Prague, Czech Republic, via Athens, Hellas. Updated on 30th January 2010. It had its corporate headquarters on the grounds of Larnaca International Airport in Larnaca. AP photo at Fox News. He was a familiar face, having worked there in 2002. Its main base was Larnaca International Airport. That April, Helios Airways, the low-cost Cypriot airline, hired Irwin for six months. All 115 passengers — all Greek Cypriots and Greeks — and six crew were killed in the crash. The aircraft was cleared to climb to FL340 and to proceed direct to RDS VOR. Among the victims examined by coroners were the plane's co-pilot, Pambos Haralambous, and a flight attendant thought to have tried to take control of the ailing airliner. Aquel accidente se llevó la vida de los 121 ocupantes, la mayoría de ellos eran niños. It crashed on 14 August 2005, following loss of pressure that incapacitated the crew, killing all 121 passengers and crew on board. August 14, 2005: A Helios Airways 737 crashed in Greece today, with the loss of all 121 on board. The aircraft was left to fly on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed near Grammatiko, Greece. Helios Airways Crash The following is a summary of a crash involving Helios Airways flight HCY522, a Boeing 737-300, based on the findings of the Air Accident Investigation & Aviation Safety Board in 2006. Initial reports have led to speculation that the crash followed a loss of cabin pressurization and that in turn, led to both pilots becoming incapacitated from hypoxia (lack of adequate oxygen in the blood stream and body tissues). The aircraft departed Larnaca, Cyprus at 9:07am local time for a scheduled passenger flight to Athens, Greece. All but 11 of the victims were Cypriot and some 17 children are thought to have been on board. On 14 August 2005, Helios Airways flight HCY522, departed Larnaca, Cyprus enroute to Athens, Hellas. Se trata del vuelo 522 de Helios Airways al que han llamado “el avión fantasma”. Crash of Helios Airways 737 in Greece. Helios Airways was a low-cost Cypriot airline operating scheduled and charter flights between Cyprus and many European and African destinations. Relatives of the 121 people killed in the Helios Airways crash on August 14, 2005 marked the 15th anniversary of the disaster on Friday, saying that those at fault were never punished. Helios Airways Flight 522 was a flight from Larnaca, Cyprus to Prague, Czech Republic with a stopover to Athens, Greece. An investigation conducted by the Greek transport ministry blamed the crash of Helios Airways Flight 522 on three direct factors: The pilots failing to realise that the cabin pressure knob was in the wrong position, the pilots not realising that their plane had lost cabin pressure, and the pilots passing out due to a lack of oxygen. Helios Airways, a budget Cypriot airline, was replaced earlier this year by a new carrier called ajet. Helios Airways Boeing 737-31S plane crash Grammatikos, Greece 14th August, 2005. All 121 people on board the Helios Airways flight died in Sunday's crash. Helios Airways Flight 522 had been travelling from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Prague, Czech Republic, with a scheduled stop in Athens.
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