Grand Californian tarkkaan harkitut lämmitysjärjestelmät takaavat tämän ilon myös kohmeisessa kevättuulessa tai viileinä syysaamuina. The Grand California carries over the advanced safety and assistance features of the award-winning Crafter, with the following as standard: ... Disclaimer by Volkswagen. The Grand California is an all-new motorhome from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, based on the Crafter van, and which takes the manufacturer into a new market segment. No doubt, the Grand California would be even more at home in the big spaces of America than the tighter confines of Europe and the UK. Vehicles like the Volkswagen Grand California provide a real tonic for the soul; park one on your drive and the prospect of getting away from it all is literally on your doorstep. On … It isn’t a minivan, but it is a huge camper. With a length of 6.00m and height of 2.97m, it is also compact enough for small camp sites, while also big enough for a family of four with two children. Gallery: 2020 Volkswagen Grand California: First Drive 19 … Kaiken sen voit kokea yhdessä Grand Californian kanssa. Read review covering Volkswagen Grand California boot space, size and dimensions, front and rear seat comfort by the expert What Car? Auringolta tuoksuvia tomaatteja. Bacon butties, home-cooked steak or a kiwi classic fish and chips: In the California 6.1 your perfect kiwi staples are at your fingertips. The headline news, however, is a toilet. Volkswagen equips the Grand California with the highest-tech driving features that it has to offer. Enemmän vettä säiliössä, enemmän vapautta ajatella, Kaikki Volkswagen We -yhdistettävyyspalvelut. Suomessa Volkswagenin matkailuautoja myydään Jyväskylässä, Kuopiossa, Lohjalla, Oulussa, Seinäjoella, Turussa, Vantaalla ja Ylivieskassa. Vůz Grand California bude možné objednávat výhledově od začátku listopadu 2019. Tuoreita meren antimia naapurikylästä. Representative 48 Months. Volkswagen Grand California 3,88t Grand California 680 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD. The series model VW Grand California went on sale in 2019. The ventilating skylight clears steam quickly and motion-sensing lights as standard add a touch of style. The big brother to the California 6.1 is the Grande California baster on the Crafter. It had been fantastic, however, right now there’s a much wilder method to stroll straight down the coastline. Volkswagen Grand California on Crafteriin perustuva matkailuauto. Customer Deposit £72,745. Comparison with similar cars in size. Sweet dreams! As for the release date, the German manufacturer will release a new version in the first half of 2021. Download the latest Grand California brochure. There are two models, the 600 and the 680. Volkswagen California Grand California MWB 600 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD-4 Berth-Press Launch Van, Volkswagen Grand California 3,88t Grand California 680 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD, Volkswagen Grand California 680 LWB 177PS Automatic, Volkswagen Grand California 600 8sp Auto 177ps, Volkswagen Grand California Diesel Estate 2.0 TDI 600 5dr Tip Auto [3.5T], Volkswagen 3,5T GRAND CALIFORNIA 600 177 PS 3,5T GRAND CALIFORNIA 600 177 PS, Volkswagen Grand California 680 177ps Auto 3.88t, Volkswagen Grand California Grand California 600 177ps DSG *SAT NAV*REAR CAMERA*, Volkswagen 3.88t Grand California 680 177 8 speed DSG. It has a full kitchen, sleeping areas and a full built-in bathroom. A defining feature of the all-new Grand California is the separate wet room. Syrjäisiä vaellusreittejä. The new kitchen design in the California 6.1. Mieleisestä musiikista ja hyvästä viihteestä nauttien. Including heating and air conditioning to keep the interior temperature just right, a sophisticated lighting design for a luxurious feel, and sockets so you can stay fully charged and in touch with friends and family. Volkswagen Grand California currently available from Volkswagen Commercial in Northern Ireland. Grand Californian navigointijärjestelmät vievät sinut luotettavasti perille – myös täysin tuntemattomilla seuduilla. + Hide All Offers Grand California 600 Offer. Haluatko päästä koeajamaan Volkswagen Hyötyautoa? Volkswagen presents its new motorhome, Grand California. Volkswagen For those avid voyagers who think that the regular Volkswagen California camper van isn’t enough for their needs, there’s a new, even bigger VW pop-top called the Grand California. The Volkswagen Grand California is the latest version of the VW California camper. Mehukkaita appelsiineja vuorenrinteen viljelmältä. GRAND HOLIDAYS. The 2021 Volkswagen Grand California is the company’s biggest camper. New Volkswagen Grand California 600 2020 dimensions with photos of the interior, boot space and measurements of length, width and height. Including a toilet, shower and space-saving sink. Discover all the latest Volkswagen Grand California offers currently available. from£515. Volkswagenin matkailuautoja huolletaan kaikissa Volkswagen Hyötyautojen merkkihuolloissa ympäri Suomen. The Grand California’s infotainment system is something of a rarity among Autocar road test subjects: a multimedia set-up that isn’t upgradable at extra cost. Interestingly, but this model is based on the Crafter commercial van. The new Grand California 600 is the ideal size for a wonderful extended family holiday. Täysin varusteltu lomakoti. The company’s biggest camper will cost $75,000. The information provided on the Volkswagen New Zealand website is for information purposes only ; 2. Jännittävät matkat ovat entistä hauskempia, kun tiedät voivasi luottaa matkakumppaniisi aina ja joka paikassa. Grand California – grand cuisine. About the Company. The Grand California includes all the modern features to keep you comfortable, wherever your journey make take you. Duration £17,734.68. Volkswagen Grand California review | page 1 of 8. Trade Seller (69) test team. Lengthwise rear bed. Täysin varustetun keittiön sekä jääkaapin, pakastelokeron ja säilytystilan ansiosta sinulla on aina mahdollisuus valmistaa itse paikallisia herkkuja. 2019 (19 reg) | 1,600 miles | 2L | Automatic | Diesel. The Volkswagen Grand California 680 motorhome comes with everything including the kitchen sink, plus a hob, loo, shower, double bed, swivel seats, storage and picnic furniture. 20. Unlike traditional California, which is derived from the T6, this new model is based on the Volkswagen Crafter. Yksinäisiä vuoristokyliä. California on ollut jo vuosikymmenien synonyymi liikkuminen vapaudelle ja nyt isoveli tarjoaa sen saman, mutta – isommin. 2021 Volkswagen Grand California: Photos, Specs, & Price. Get in touch today to learn more. Molemmat säiliöt on varustettu täyttömäärätunnistimilla. Auto-Moto est parti sur les routes de l'ile de Gran Canaria en Espagne au volant du nouveau Volkswagen Grand California dans lequel nous avons dormi. Ripaus mukavuutta ei ole koskaan pahitteeksi. Hienoa kun pystyy välttämään ruuhkaisimman matkustussesongin. 2020 VW Grand California USA Release Date, Interior, Redesign – Previously this year, we had taken a Volkswagen California camper to lower the Pacific Coastline Highway to obtain a flavor of the van lifestyle. Rauhallisempina aikoina matkustaminen on tuplasti hauskempaa. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Haluatko unohtaa pesutilaan viuhahtelun pimeässä tai palelun kylmässä yhteissuihkussa? The new Volkswagen Grand California is the biggest, best camper van the automaker builds. Kaukokaipuuta tai seikkailunhalua - miksi ikinä sitä kutsutkin. Featuring a comfortable, spacious interior, cutting-edge technology and a platform taken from the proven Crafter, the Grand California motorhome expands upon previous generations of camper van. Raikasvesisäiliö on asennettu pakkaselta suojaan sisätilaan. The new Grand California 600. Now, Europeans can call a Volkswagen home because the brand is taking an even bigger step into the camper market with the launch of the nearly 20-foot-long (6-meter-long) Grand California. It is 6 meters long and takes much of the California XXL concept, which was a great success … Autioita rantoja. With a spacious crosswise bed, the Grand California 600 has plenty of space of peace. A generous lengthwise bed in the Grand California 680 provides even more comfort. Miksi kiirehtiä varattuun pöytään, kun parhaat antimet ovat aivan vieressä? 2021 Volkswagen Grand California Price and Release Date. Brochure. Opfyld din længsel efter ukendte steder og den store uafhængighed med autocamperen fra Volkswagen Erhvervsbiler Grand California. Kuusimetristen luokkaan sijoittuva malli on varustettu kylpyhuoneella ja takaosan makuualueella Haluatko käydä joka aamu suihkussa? 1. There’s also integrated shelving and storage for toiletries and towels. Learn more about its features and specifications on our easy-to-use website and then book a test drive using our convenient online tool. Od tohoto okamžiku bude pak také možná konfigurace v konfigurátoru Volkswagen Užitkové vozy. Uudessa Grand Californiassa on täydellinen kylpyhuone. Share review. The all-new Grand California motorhome is Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ latest addition to its proud story of building freedom on four wheels. At 2.00 m x 1.67 m and 1.90 m x 1.67m, the spacious rear bed in the Grand California 680 provides plenty of space for sleep and storage. Enemmän tilaa, enemmän mukavuutta ja enemmän vapautta. 110 litran raikasvesisäiliön ja 90 litran jätevesisäiliön ansiosta voit leiriytyä halutessasi myös leirintäalueiden ulkopuolella tai luonnon keskellä – mikäli se on sallittua. Ruuhkattomat tiet, yksinäiset poukamat, tyhjät leirintäalueet. A real institution with a tradition and reliability. Read our review of the latest Volkswagen Grand California You get alloy wheels and a choice of one of four two-tone colour schemes Although this is a two-berth, there are still two travel seats in the front dinette, with Isofix fittings for a child seat Volkswagen Grand California. Vapautta on se, ettei tarvitse matkalla jatkuvasti miettiä seuraavaa vedenottopistettä. At the International Motor Show 2017, a VW California XXL study was presented on the basis of the VW Crafter.The 6.2 m long vehicle has a standing height of 2.2 m and is equipped with underfloor heating. The Grand California model is one of the most established campers in the world as well. Both models come with a full wetroom bathroom, kitchen area and rear bed. Pro bližší informace kontaktujte svého prodejce automobilů Volkswagen Užitkové vozy nebo se přihlaste k odběru newsletteru Volkswagen. Volkswagen Grand California MWB 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD. Volkswagen says the Grand California’s interior design has been inspired by yachts, with white cabinets and flooring that apes a teak deck. The forthcoming 2021 Volkswagen Grand California could cost over $100,000 if you load numerous add-ons. per month 3.6% APR. The kitchen is equipped with a gas hob with two rings, a stable cover that can be used as a worktop, and a removable washing-up bowl. Volkswagen has supersized the Kombi campervan concept with the new Grand California, which is indeed as large as it looks in the photographs: up to 6.8 metres long in flagship form. 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