And annoyingly, whilst all my downgrade installations went without hitch, reupgrading to 0019 has left me with a failed install. Your home network might have a few Windows machines on the ground floor, a Mac in an upstairs bedroom, a PocketPC on a nightstand, and a Linux box or two in the basement, all networked with a generic router. 1. Tons of posts related to Windows 10 and SMB as the root cause of the inability to connect to unRaid that were fruitless so Im recording this easy fix for my future self. Most warnings have also vanished. | Let me know and I can re-post. In the docu writes " If you are not able to connect, try with the IP of your device (e.g. I would click on the network tab but the I could not find my samba share, even though network sharing was enabled and what not, but after typing in // (address of my pi) or //SAMBA (the netbios name I setup in smb.conf) I was then able to connect and my samba share. Can you see other Win 10 shares for example? Mapping a drive to a Samba share. Delighted it worked! None of these machines can access any of the shares. We can either enable NTLMv1 in SAMBA, or better yet, enable NTLMv2 in the Windows server. So I have to do some additional actions in the opposite direction: to make my Linux Mint laptop “see” or “discover” the other Windows laptops. Hopefully it can help others. So it may happen that this feature gets integrated into Samba at some time in the future. Now I can see the ubuntu servers. I also am able to see the computer names and shares of each laptop on one another. Step One: Make Sure Sharing is Enabled in Windows Add Samba Share to Home Assistant via Supervisor > Add-on Store. Method 2: Connecting Samba share from Windows machine. Aug 15 16:15:41 devastator wsdd[30179]: WARNING: no interface given, using all interfaces On attempt to connect, I'm prompted to enter my credentials, but it always fails with "Username and password incorrect". Ubuntu 15.10. When the utility opens, enter the Samba share address in the following format and click OK. With the addition of a WSD service in Ubuntu, Windows 10 will discover the Linux Samba server using its native WSD protocol. I can see the non-empty files now. This setup is working without any flaws for almost 20 pc's including access via VPN. Let me know If I can add any relevant information for debugging. Can’t Access/Map Network Shared Folders over SMB from Windows 10. No sooner I’m done with each SAMBA servers config from this guide, BAM, it’s populating my Win10 network explorer. , Exellent guide worked flawlessly on ubuntu 20.10, Thank’s a lot DevAnswers, please share this on stackoverflow or comment cause I’ve gone ahead and shared I’m sure many other people will need this service , Microsoft decided this was a risk and need to enable it manually in 1803. I can see the share, but just can’t access it. This issue has been raised in the Samba bug tracker since 2015. If you had already installed the master branch, please follow section “How to Uninstall wsdd” and then reinstall by following section “Installing WDS on Ubuntu”. Wonderful and thank you. I also checked on my 2 Nvidia Shields and they are not seeing the shares/server under the SMB mounting section in Kodi. My ip was changed, also interface name and I couldnt reconnect my win10 to samba server on Xubuntu 18.04. To create a shared folder accessible via windows you have to install the samba service. You should now be able to browse your Ubuntu machines and Samba shares in the Windows 10 file explorer. Still no luck with the Ubuntu Samba server or share showing up. Click save and restart the Samba add-on. You may also want to reboot the Ubuntu server just to make sure the wsdd service starts up automatically without issue. To open the Run utility, use Windows key+R shortcut. There is a better way to access the share by mapping a drive to Samba share in Windows. I run the diagnostics but all I get is this message: “Troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem”. If you know the path, type it into the box and click Next. TGM Junior Member. Now just have to figure out how to connect as a different user. Also wanted to include the feat-discovery branch, I dont’ see the share or the server in Win10. My Xubuntu changed interface name(Ill try later discover why).
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